What effective workouts with kids you can do without leaving home?

Hi everyone! I am engaged in sports at home almost a year. I would like to change my complex of training exercises again because I already want sth new. Every month I change the training program because it is much more interesting and more effective for me.    Many people are skeptical about home training, saying that there is no equipment at home and a trainer who will monitor the exercise. But in gyms, many refuse to go because of lack of time, money or because of having kids. So what to do?

The main problem of fitness at home is not that you can deal with the wrong way, but that there is no constant motivation. Having paid for the gym, we have the motivation to go to it, at least because we are sorry for the money spent. During the entire lesson, the trainer will support us at one pace, without giving any forgiveness and the ability to relax. But at home, there are many more temptations to do the exercise not so qualitatively or not to do it at all but to lie on the couch. So the main problem of homework for women is the lack of motivation. How to motivate yourself to do exercises at home? What to do not to lose motivation?

The right mood will help you quickly achieve the shape of your dreams. All that is needed for fitness at home is a mat and dumbbells. Optional: fitball, hoop, bar. I all of this have at home.

For a long time, I was practicing at home in Gillian Michaels’ exercise complexes. She is one of America’s most popular coaches. Gillian has developed several programs that solve various problems. Her workout lasts for a short time, but they are in very intense mode. Exercise is directed at all muscle groups. The main thing – to perform fitness exercises at home every day and not chalk out. The most popular lessons are: “Slender figure in 30 days”, “Flat stomach in 6 weeks”, “No problem zones”, “Spicy buttocks and thighs”, “How to get rid of fat. Accelerate metabolism “and others;

Soon the training program came by Cindy Crawford. The famous model has developed three courses for slender figures, which have been popular for many years. Her home exercises for women include the usual movements directed at all muscle groups. The cycle contains: “The secret of the perfect figure”, “How to achieve perfection”, “New dimension”. The third course is specifically designed for young mothers;

What another complex of exercises do you know? What workout complexes can you recommend for women to do at home with kids? Does this sports program at home with the involvement of young children? What effective workouts with kids you can do without leaving home?

I will be glad if you write me a list of exercises per month to do at home. Waiting for your reply.

Workouts with kids

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I agree that not everyone can go to the gym to train their body. Do exercises without leaving home is also a good way to stay fit. Anyway, you must stick to some rules that will help you to make your training more effective. Here I found a few good tips for it https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/effective-fitness-training-10-useful-tips/. Workout complexes at home are different for women and men. And I want to recommend you a woman complex of exercises you can do without leaving home. Here I present you a workout program at home for girls. Every girl wants to look beautiful, have a perfect body, no less than boys. There are three main tasks you must do during the training:
№1. Improve your figure.
№2. Increase the strength and visual mass of the muscles.
№3. General physical training.
It is necessary to notice that in this effective complex of exercises you have to have several collapsible dumbbells. Now look for the workouts you should do every day:

#DAY 1: Breast and Biceps.
Push-out from the floor: 3 approaches to the maximum; Push-out from some stock: 2 approaches to maximum; Lifting of dumbbells on a biceps: four approaches for 12 – 20 repetitions (weight of dumbbells you can choose on your own); To finish the training you can do press exercises.

#DAY 2: legs and back.
Squat with hands at the head: 3 approaches to maximum; Dumbbells: 3 approaches 15 times; Straight leg straight thrust, with dumbbells: 3 approaches 20 times; Thrust of dumbbells in inclination: 3 approaches 15-20 times.

#DAY 3: Triceps and shoulders.
Swing dumbbells in the sides: 3 approaches to the maximum; Reverse spins: 3 approaches for 15-20 repetitions; Extension of the arm from the back of the head with a dumbbell: 4 approaches for 10 repetitions.

All this complex of exercises completes the training program for girls at home. And don’t forget to eat properly after the workout. Find here how to do it in the best way https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/top-10-nutrition-trends-2019-eat-healthy-and-lose-weight/
The main advantages of home training programs are the low cost of training; the opportunity to choose the most optimal time for training; possibility of training on weekends; nobody will watch you – it’s a very good advantage for shy people. The main disadvantages are a small variety of inventory; absence of accident insurance.
When doing a complex of exercises at home, you should not forget about warm-ups, which would warm the ligaments and muscles, use a lot of water. If you are lack of motivation to do sport at home just take a look at https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/best-sports-motivation-advices/. I am sure it will help you to be more motivated.

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