What exercises to do for lowering the split by 4 seconds in 3 months?

Good afternoon! I’m the kind of person who wants to achieve more and more. It is never enough for me. I constantly set new goals for myself. Especially it concerns the sport. I regularly attend the gym. There I practice cardio workouts, dumbbell exercises, Crossfit training. Besides, I do some exercises for my back and chest at home. I like the home training more. As you have a calm atmosphere there where you can relax.

My new obsession is doing the splits. I used the program on how to do the splits and lose weight. It helped me a lot. My body became fit and toned. Moreover, I’ve got many other benefits after training. The flexibility of muscles has improved. All in all, I consider doing the splits very effective exercise. It increased my ability of self-control and endurance.

Doing the splits

But as I mentioned before, I used to constantly set new goals for myself. And I need your help with my new aim. Actually, it’s simple. I want to lower my split by four seconds in three months. But I don’t know the correct exercises to perform in order to achieve this. So my question is the following:

  • What exercises should I perform to lower the split by 4 seconds in 3 months?

Share your experience please, if you managed to do this. Thanks!

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I am glad to share with you my knowledge on this topic. I have read an article about how to do the split and understood that before doing them, at least I should try to do simple stretching exercises that I have not done for a long time. When I was a child, I was attending dance classes and very our training was a little bit more intensive than the previous one. And one of our new aims was to lower the split by 4 seconds in 3 months.
I want to give you some pieces of advice. How to develop flexibility?

1. To make the body more flexible, you need to do stretching exercises. But it is important – before starting doing exercises, determine your natural level of flexibility, its conformity to your age and your health – but just remember that the ability to stretch of your body may vary depending on the time of a day. Remember this when you create an individual training schedule. Any stretching should be done according to your needs – listen to your body, it will tell you which exercises are necessary for you. You should not compare yourself to others, just rely on your results.

2. To increase your flexibility and develop your training mode, you must train each muscle group. Moreover, you must increase the load gradually because in another way you can easily injure some ligaments. To lower the split do each of your flexibility exercises at least for a week before making them more intensive.

3. Good flexibility and elastic connective system of your body allow it to respond perfectly to your physical activity. And, at the same time, if flexibility develops through your whole body simultaneously, the muscular strength and endurance increase. It also helps to get a big amplitude of movement and helps to reduce the number of sports injuries. Thus, the less quantity of injuries you get, the less number of training you miss. Accordingly, you make your body flexible more effective and the efficiency of training is increasing.

Popular exercises to make your body more flexible and lower the split:

Means and methods to develop your flexibility are constantly evolving, but there is no point to follow the innovations if there is a health problem. To improve their capabilities, it is enough to perform the following exercises:
– Crossing the hands with their further lifting over the head, in which it is necessary to stretch to the ceiling.
– Pressing the heel to the buttocks with a shaking back and forth (it is better to perform gradually).
– Falls with maximum stretching of the upper body.
– Squats with pressed feet and further straightening of the legs.
– Tilt to the side with maximum stretching of oblique abdominal muscles.

So, hope you will try to do flexibility exercises and will have wonderful results. I am sure that you will make your body more flexible.

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