While water fast, the endurance is reduced. Does it pick up again?

Hi there! I am a real fan of body detox. I’ve already tried different ways of body cleansing. Such as top 5 recipes for vegetable detox and cleansing smoothies. Besides, rather helpful is 7 days kefir diet for weight loss. It perfectly copes with body cleansing. I’ve got amazing results after following all the tips. So I highly recommend the mentioned ways of body detox.

Now I started a new kind of diet. Namely, the water fast. I’m on the 3rd day now and I already noticed some drawbacks. During my workouts, I feel strength increase. But the endurance is shot. I cannot perform exercises as before. The number of repeatings has dropped. And I noticed the effectiveness becomes lower. Earlier I managed to do my workout routine for 2 hours. So my problem is the following:

  • While water fast, the endurance is reduced. Does it pick up again? Could you advise the ways of its return?

If you had the same experience during the water fast. Please share how you managed to cope with it. Will be very pleased to read your answers. Thanks!

While water fast, the endurance is reduced

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Hello, Emily.
Hope that your water fast diet will be really effective because for me endurance is not the best thing to sacrifice to cleanse your body due to that fact that I am a professional marathon runner. But, do not worry, it is not a big problem because you can pick up your endurance again. You just need to have proper nutrition, day mode and normal sugar level in the blood to increase the endurance of the body.

1) How to eat properly to increase endurance?
It is known that in order to maintain overall health and increase the body’s endurance, you should not have excess weight and gain enough muscles to effectively control the body. Besides, you need to have enough fat cells for the normal functioning of all organs, so eating food that includes fat is necessary.

Excess weight, as you know, is often the cause of wrong functionality of many body systems and, of course, leads to a decrease in activity and endurance of your body. That is why you need to eat healthily and determine your every-day menu.
Products that increase the endurance of the body must include animal proteins (dairy products, white boiled meat, fish, eggs), fruits, vegetables, greens, cereals, dried fruit, honey. Energy requires a lot of calories, but these calories should be derived from easily digestible products. For example, two hours before an intensive workout, eat a plate of buckwheat or oatmeal without sugar with fresh fruit.

To increase endurance you need to completely exclude from your daily meal plan fast food, fatty and smoked dishes, minimize the consumption of alcohol, sweet, salty and pickled foods.

Also, you should not forget about the water balance in your body, because the lack of water leads to the blood condensation and inhibition of metabolic processes. Drink at least 2 liters of clean, non-carbonated water at room temperature per day. Moreover, it is recommended to drink with small sips.

2) Day mode to increase the endurance of the body

If your body does not have enough rest after training, it will be harder for you to train the next time because the quantity of energy in your body will be not enough for you. You necessary need to follow a certain schedule of the day.

I recommend you to let yourself to have a healthy sleep, go to bed as early as possible and sleep at least 8-9 hours a day; try to fall asleep, wake up, eat food and train at the same time every day.

3) Stabilization of blood sugar level
Everything you do to increase your endurance has no sense if it is not enough quantity of glucose in the blood because it is the main source of energy for brain work.
Everyone knows that our brain is responsible for all processes occurring in the body. Therefore if you do not have enough glucose, the sugar level is reduced, which leads to fatigue and a decline in strength.

On the contrary, an excess of sugar in your blood can cause excess weight. In order to maintain the optimal level of glucose in the blood eat sweets a little, but do not abuse them. I recommend you to try healthy Pastry with Muffins and Cupcakes. They are so tasty and healthy. You can determine your level of sugar with the help of test in the clinic.

So, you can easily pick up your endurance following my piece of advice.

Hi Emily!
A lot of water can cause a harmful effect. If it is hard for you, maybe you should stop it. There are some advices for you to continue trainings. It will help to regain endurance.
To maintain overall health and increase endurance, of course, one should strive for optimal weight. When there are enough muscles to effectively control the body, and fat cells. It is needed for the normal functioning of all organs.
Extra pounds are often the cause of the violation of many body functions and, of course, lead to a decrease in activity and endurance. That is why you should eat so as not to gain weight.
The day “before” from the diet exclude any meat and dairy products. You can eat fish, eggs, vegetables (raw and after heat treatment). Dinner on the eve of fasting on the water arrange no later than 18: 00—19: 00.
When you exit the day of unloading, start better with a large plate of salad consisting of fresh carrots, beets, cabbage, seasoned with a few drops of lemon and olive oil
You can eat everything. But such unhealthy foods, such as bakery and confectionery, sausages, sausages, baked ham, industrially made sweet carbonated drinks, mayonnaise and ketchup, are better off for a while. The amount of water must be brought to 2-3 liters per day.
Products that increase endurance of the body are animal proteins. There are fermented milk products, white boiled meat, fish, eggs. Fruits, vegetables, greens, cereals, dried fruits, honey is useful too. Energy requires a large amount of calories. These calories must be obtained from easily digestible foods.
Two hours before an intense workout or physical work, eat a plate of buckwheat or oatmeal without sugar with fresh fruit.
If puffiness does not appear, you can drink up to 4 liters: 40 minutes before meals, 1.5 hours after, and you should drink one or two glasses on an empty stomach.
One day a week, you need to “eat” only one water.
Unloading on water is strictly contraindicated for people with a body mass index greater than 25.

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