Why do I have headaches and blurry vision after hard training?

Hello! As I am involved in sports already for 3 years. I suppose to have enough endurance and strength to do workouts more often. Besides, making it more intensive. As a result, more effective. I’ve read the article on how to build your workout routine. Following the tips from fitness experts, I’ve managed to make the perfect training plan for myself. Moreover, I started to see the visible results already in a week. Isn’t it amazing?

First of all, I was quite energetic following this program. I easily managed to cope with all exercises. And even after doing all the training complex, I was full of energy.

But after some time I noticed some health problems appearing after hard workouts. Of course, I used to regularly increase the load to achieve a better result. After some time, I started feeling not very good. I guess the cause of it may be overwork. So my question to you is the following:

  • What is the reason for having blurry vision and headaches after training? Should I continue to increase the physical load or lower it? Maybe, it is better to stop training for some time?

Please, share your experience if you had such a problem. Waiting forward to your answers. Thanks!

Headaches after training

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Very often, newcomers complain of symptoms of overtraining, be it nausea, or dizziness. But most often, the first training does not differ excessive intensity and the body in trying to adapt to easily cope with such symptoms. Sometimes after a workout headache, even if you have not received serious loads. What this testifies to, how to stop such pain, and what should be the prevention of such excesses.

During physical activity, our body is under severe stress. This leads to optimisation and adaptive reactions on the part of the body. All this is due to our evolutionary mechanisms of survival. So, during exercise and other stress loads, the body redirects all resources to current tasks. All this leads to a decrease in brain nutrition, vasoconstriction and other factors. Usually, if the load is not excessive, the body copes with it and returns resources to the site.

But, if a person trains constantly, increasing the intensity, then sooner or later he comes up against the natural limit of recovery, and an effect occurs when overtraining leads to negative consequences — overloading various systems. This all can be expressed in:

  • Nausea.
  • Insomnia.
  • Vertigo.
  • Poor health.
  • Pain in the muscles.
  • A headache.

How to reduce headaches after training?

If you have a headache after a workout after a few hours, then most likely you have gotten excessive stress. It’s useless to fight stress in this case, but you can use remedies to relieve symptoms that will help get rid of a headache.

In this will help you: Caffeine agents, Vasodilators, Analgesics, Means for normalising pressure.

If you do not want to have a headache during or after a workout, follow these simple rules:

  1. Follow proper breathing techniques during basic exercises.
  2. Never start with maximum weight.
  3. Do not consume large amounts of dairy products and salty foods before exercise.
  4. Avoid dehydration. Even if you are on a cardiovascular machine now, always keep a bottle of plain water with you.
  5. Watch for heart rate. If your goal is not to train your heart muscle, but only to lose weight, try not to exceed the recommended heart rate during cardio exercise.

A headache is a symptom indicating that the body is not all right. And, if it was a one-time pain after a workout, then it can be attributed to overtraining or insufficient recovery. But, if you have a headache after each workout in the gym, eyes hurt, and you even want to sleep, it means that you have serious health problems, and sports activities are just a trigger.

Therefore, if you are constantly suffering from headaches, we recommend that you consult a doctor. He will be able to determine the true cause of the pain, advise the best remedy for relief in your case. And most importantly – tell you what to do to avoid a headache in the future.

Hi there!
Many people play sports to keep fit and take care of their health. Sometimes after exercise, we feel not only pleasant tiredness and inner satisfaction. We also experience a painful headache.
This condition can manifest itself due to many reasons. Some of them cause serious consequences and require special attention from the doctor. Others can be disposed of on your own through uncomplicated efforts. Why there is a headache after attending workouts. How to cure it and prevent such moments in the future you will learn further.
An urgent need to go to the hospital is necessary if
After a workout, you experience, along with a headache, any impairment of consciousness and mental reactions. It can also be your double vision or vision deterioration significantly. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor or call an ambulance if during a painful attack you find yourself with any impairment of facial expression and speech. As well as have difficulty in performing voluntary movements.
So that after working in the sports section, you don’t have a headache. You should follow all the recommendations of your trainer and gradually increase the load on the body. It is important to monitor proper breathing. You should find out exactly how to advise to breathe in the kind of sport that you do.

No less important factor – a balanced diet and proper drinking regime. Sometimes a headache is due to lack of fluid. It can also be a glucose deficiency during sports activities. You need to eat a sufficient amount of high-calorie food and drink water to the extent. That will cover its costs during heavy physical exertion.
I hope my advices will help you. Be careful and good luck!

I am glad that you are interested in such an interesting question. Nowadays, sport is an integral part of modern people’s life. Someone spends two to three hours every day in a gym, someone attends workouts from time to time. However, the problem of headaches during, and most often after exercise, is familiar to many of us.
Headache after a workout can be unexpected for you. Moreover, it is strange that such an innocent and even useful pastime as a sport, that has a very good influence on your body, can cause serious physical ailment.
In 99% of cases, headache appears due to inflammation of the blood vessels located around the brain, thus provoking the development of a dangerous disease – vegetative-vascular dystonia. Nerve endings responding to this instantly begin to send pain waves. However, endorphine (a natural anesthetic, produced by the human body) greatly reduces pain, so sometimes a headache after training may seem much less than it actually is. A lot of people, that do sport for many years with headaches, consider it as a normal thing.
But the illness is not going to stay in one place, it patiently waits for a convenient occasion to unintentionally drive you off the track. This “convenient case” can be anything you want: stress, hormonal changes in the body, chronic sleep deprivation and even heavy hangover.

The most common causes of a headache after training include the following:

1. Infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in the body;
2. Problems with the spine and joints (osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, etc.);
3. Chronic mental illness, as well as periods of exacerbation;
4. Chemical and physical effects on the body (intoxication, radiation, brain trauma, vibration, etc.);
5. Chronic fatigue;
6. Harmful habits (alcohol and tobacco abuse);
7. Excessive consumption of coffee and various kinds of energy drinks, narrowing of blood vessels;

Unfortunately, most people, who are active in their lifestyle and do sport, always treat such headaches critically. They prefer to say: “Today, blame for all fatigue, yesterday – lack of sleep, the day before – emotional experiences, etc.”.
But as it turns out in practice, about 9 out of 10 cases of a headache after training cause high blood pressure. This leads to a huge number of complications. It is forbidden to combine enduring headaches with workouts.
Careless attitude towards your own organism, which, with the help of a headache, signals that something is not right, will sooner or later turn into a number of health problems.

So, know how to organize your workout routine right to not overwork, be healthy and feel good.

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