Where to start? Dietologists recommend starting with a food diary. During two weeks you’ll have to write down everything you’ve eaten or drank, meticulously indicating the volume of portions and even the way of preparation. Nothing can be missed – no snacks, no friends gatherings with alcohol.

After two weeks, open a list of useful products and familiarise yourself with the rules of proper nutrition, and then compare them with your records. Mark good and bad products: for each of the first mark a plus and each of second – minus. After evaluating the number of those and others and looking the truth into the eyes, you will want to change something in your life. A right way to lose weight.

To lose weight in the waist, experts advise you to choose this way of slimming. We will not hold for long, and right away we will say that it is proper, balanced nutrition in combination with practical exercises for the press. So, remember: the belly is not friends with sweets and chocolate, jam, sugar, sweet pastries, nuts, honey, refined and fatty foods. Also, it is worthwhile to exclude canned food, smoked meat, semi-finished products, mayonnaise, ketchup and even juices in boxes from your diet. And you should not be fond of sweet yoghurts, puddings, fat milk, cheeses, cream.

The secret of the flat stomach

Discard alcohol! Particularly lousy beer, which contains phytoestrogens, which violate the metabolism. People who have long admired this product, then have a big problem with losing weight, even with the help of press exercises, the effectiveness of which is not in doubt. By the way, it should note that women remove “beer” stomach more difficulty because they are so prone to increasing fat in this place.

Those who dream of the perfect press also should reduce the consumption of salt to 4-5 grams per day, that is, eating no more than a teaspoon. And now about which products used for the waist. First and foremost, these are porridges of whole grains of non-fat milk and water. Also useful bran and products with them, including bread. And your waist will thank you for apples, citrus, pears. But at the same time, you shouldn’t overdo with bananas and grapes, because they have a lot of sugar. Vegetables in raw form – this is the real salvation for those who want to lose weight.

Nutritionists say they can consume in unlimited quantities. You can also eat seafood, chicken meat, fish. But remember that they are desirable to cook in steam, bake or grill on the grill without butter, but it is not worth frying in a pan. Since you can’t consume much salt, various seasonings and spices will help you to improve the taste of meat dishes. Following this type of diet and regularly performing effective exercises for the press will first be difficult, but later you will love this way of life, and most importantly – you will get harmony and health.

Diet for abs and how to get a flat stomach
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