In general, we need to eat salad because we need a regular intake of vegetables and fruits. But we may also prepare delicious salads with “not average” ingredients.

Here, we list seven different salads which have considerable nutritional value. We live it to your taste.

One of the salads contains squids. Squids are an excellent source of copper. This mineral is beneficial for the red blood cells while acting in the metabolism.

Squids also have selenium which is vital against rheumatoid arthritis. Proteins are present in this mollusc, and Vitamin B2. Squids also contain phosphorus (as in fish) that is important for our bones and teeth.

Another component that you will find in the salads is the Kohlrabi. This one is similar in taste to the broccoli but sweeter. This vegetable contains vitamin and fibre, no cholesterol, and Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant that helps against diseases). It also has phytochemicals that protect against colon cancer and prostate cancer.

In one of the recipes, you will also find avocado. It contains a considerable amount of fibre and vitamins and minerals.

Some recipes of nutritive salads that are easy to prepare

The squid salad

You can take either the yoghurt or the olive oil for the dressing.

  • 450 g squid
  • 50 g spring onion, fennel, cilantro or basil (or any other greens)
  • salt, spices (to taste)
  1. Clean out the squid (take out both skin and inner organs). Bring the water up to boil, put there the squid and cook for 10 minutes. That will be enough, the squid is ready and has a rubber taste.

  2. Cut the cooked squid rings, quarter tomatoes and grind greens. Mix everything.

The “Right Olivier” salad

You can add the chicken breast. The shrimp and other seafood products are welcome here. Instead of the sauce, you can use the yoghurt.

  • 280 g boiled potatoes
  • 250 g cooked carrots
  • 50 g onions
  • 50 g frozen peas
  • 200 g fresh cucumber
  • Five pcs. egg whites
  • One pc. chicken yolk
  • The Walden Farms Thousand Island sauce.
  1. Boil your peas until it’s ready.

  2. Cut all other ingredients into small cubes, mix everything and add seasoning as the dressing.

The Vitamin salad

The kohlrabi cabbage is an unusual vegetable! It tastes like something in between a turnip and the cabbage. You can also sprinkle some sesame on top. For the “something spicy” lovers you can make the yoghurt sauce: mix 2 tbsp of the white yoghurt with grated garlic, add salt and pepper to taste.

  • 150 g the kohlrabi cabbage
  • 200 g carrots
  • 100 g beetroot
  • 1 tbsp pomegranate or balsamic sauce
  1. Use the large grated to grate all vegetables, mix and add seasoning to the dressing. Sprinkle some sesame on top.

    *It is necessary to eat the salad right after you’ve made it, since the cabbage is succulent, so there could be a lot of juice after a while.

The Mimosa salad

You can easily replace the yoghurt with the homemade sour cream. The same goes for the storage cheese.

  • 400 g chicken fillet
  • 50 g onions
  • Three pcs. chicken egg
  • 400 g natural yoghurt 2%
  • 100 g apples
  • 100 g cheese 17%
  • salt (to taste)
  1. Boil the fillet, cut it into small pieces, place onto the salad plate and cover with yoghurt.

  2. Dice some onions and pour the hot water over it so that the action would make the mentioned vegetable’s taste softer. Sprinkle it on top of the yoghurt covered chicken and cover with yoghurt again.

  3. Grate the apple with the large grater— make it as the next layer.

  4. Boil your eggs, grate them (use the large grater again ). Add yoghurt on top.

  5. Have the cheese grated (take the same size of the grater again) and evenly distributed on top of the prepared salad.

    *Every Layer needs to be salted with sea salt to taste.

The “Delicacy” salad

It works well for the New Year’s feast.

  • 50 g shrimps
  • 100 g squid
  • One pc. egg whites (boiled)
  • 150 g cucumbers
  • 100 g natural yoghurt 2%
  • greens (to taste)
  • salt, spices (to taste)
  1. Boil both shrimps and the squid until they are ready. Clean them out.

  2. Cut all the ingredients into small cubes, take yoghurt as the dressing and combine thoroughly.

Protein avocado salad

Only two ingredients! The ideal option for those who are on the shredded diet.

  • Six pcs. chicken egg (you will need one yolk and six whites)
  • 100 g avocado
  • salt (to taste)
  1. Hard boil all the eggs. We are going to need all whites and only one yolk! 

  2. You can choose two ways here. 

    The first one: Cut both eggs and avocado into small cubes, sprinkle with salt and mix.

    The second one: Blend all the ingredients lightly to make the mixture soft and not turned into the purée.

Salad with shrimps

I do like the dressing— a unique one. You can either eat it warm or cold. I fancied the cold one better!

  • 100 g basmati rice
  • 100 shrimps
  • One pc. chicken egg
  • 50 g onions
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 10 g sesame
  • water (Optional. To mix with the sauce)
  1. Boil both rice and shrimps, and the egg as well until all of them are ready.

  2. Cut the onions into half rings and boil them in a small amount of water for 2 minutes.

  3. Cut the egg white into tiny cubes.

  4. Prepare the sauce: mix the yolk with soy sauce thoroughly and add water to bring that up to the needed consistency.

  5. Combine rice, shrimps, egg whites and onions. Add seasoning as the dressing.

  6. Fry some sesame using the dry pan for about 1-1,5 minutes and then sprinkle our salad with it ( there is no need to fry the sesame, though).

Conclusion: The best salads to get out of the routine and eat healthily

If you want something different but nutritious and healthy at the same time, then you should try these recipes. The most prominent ingredients are squids, shrimps, avocado and kohlrabi.

Shrimps, on the one hand, are low in calories (and you should consider this if you are on a special diet). They contain protein, are low-fat, and also contain minerals antioxidants (selenium) and vitamins.

These nutrients play a crucial role in the immune system, the thyroid function, and premature ageing. However, the nutrition values change depending on the cooking method. It is better to prepare them without adding fat.

On the other hand, squids, which contain calories, have more protein. Also, they have minerals like sodium, phosphorous, zinc, copper and selenium. Squids include Vitamin B12 which is essential for the cells of the blood and the nervous system.

Avocado, also present in one of the recipes, will provide you with Vitamin K, potassium, copper, Vitamins E and C. It produces satiety for what it may be helpful in a special diet. Avocado reduces de cardiovascular disease risk.

7 simple and easy vegetable salad recipes for a healthy nutrition
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