DIY punching bag | Step-by-step technique

N​eed durable equipment for your home gym? Follow the step-by-step technique to get homemade punching bag.

Admit it:

There are lots of basic fitness​ equipment on the market, such as 2-Way Boxing Stand w/ Punching Bag. Frequently their quality is not actually excellent.

High-quality gear is expensive, so we suggest making DIY punching bag.

How to make a punching bag?

A punching bag is an important sports gear for beginners and pro users. Nowadays, there is a wide choice of punching bags of different types and sizes. But not everyone can allow to buy it, or just do not have enough time to visit a gym.

So, if you decided to make a punching bag yourself, you will not need special expenses and time spent. Just follow the step-by-step instruction.

Tools and materials

Before making the equipment, you need to select high-quality materials, sew the product and stuff it with the appropriate filler. Such a device will give not worse result while boxing than practicing with a purchased model.

What material to choose? 

Fabric for sheathing plays an important role. The durability and quality of the product depend on it because the stuffing that takes power and weight impact. There are several options for the material:

It is a dense fabric that holds various bulk materials well. It is hard and durable, but even it’s surface can undergo tearing. So it is recommended to lay the tarp in several layers.

Each following layer should be 1 cm shorter than the previous. Tarpaulin has a dense and hard surface, that can hurt the skin while frequent contact. That is why it is recommended to wear special boxing gloves with essential gel.

It is one of the most durable materials, which does not pass even the smallest sand grains and steadily resists any load. You can do workouts without boxing gloves, as the soft surface will not hurt your skin.

Not the best option for covering the punching bag. Even rolled up several times, such material can pass small particles of filler over time. In addition, with constant loads, the fabric is probable to tear.

Remember that a handmade punching bag will have the same cylinder shape as purchased one. In general, something like a bag comes out.

Step-by-step technique

Follow attentively the technique for the successful result. The homemade punching bag is a great addition to your home gym. Moreover, it is a necessary element of it. See also plan for a DIY rowing machine for your home gym. So let’s start!

For doing this, the selected material is laid out on the flat surface. After that, a piece of the dimensions necessary for the future punching bag is cut off. If you chose the dense fabric as a material, do not forget to add up several layers.

The resulting segment should be folded in half and sew 2 lines parallel to each other (it is recommended to use strong nylon threads).

The small bag is filled with the selected filler and sticks into the large one, where free space is formed. You can fill it with sawdust.

When the punching bag is assembled completely, you need to sew a loop from the skin trims. Or sew an iron ring, with the help of which you can attach the product with chains or other climbing equipment to a flat surface. You can also fix the gear to plywood matched in height.

Experts’ opinion: filling punching bag

Your punching bag is ready, but you still have questions concerning the filler. Of course, the filler can be different. Usually, the DIY punching bag is filled purely with sand – river and quarry. Such gear can easily withstand 2 years, even if it endures intensive training.

In case your punching bag hangs on the fresh air:

After you have learned how to make the punching bag, you will easily make and hang it. Then, you probably start to do workouts with it. First of all, you probably find it not enough hard. But after sand settles down, the punching bag will become hard enough.

Do not strike the gear with bare hands. Use the elastic bands instead. The best option is to train wearing boxing gloves first. When your hands get accustomed, you can wear elastic bands.

In case you use the sand as a filler:

Homemade punching bag vs purchased

Now let’s compare the DIY punching bag and purchased one. Before choosing the suitable variant for yourself, consider the pros and cons. This article will help you make the right choice.

Step 1. Choosing the shape of a punching bag

There is no difference in whether the gear is bought on the market or made yourself. The form is chosen according to the fitness goal. The goal of punching bag – development of sharp and exact strokes by hands and developing the endurance. It can fasten to:

Unlike a punching bag, boxing bag is a more universal gear for training the strokes by any body part. It is produced and sold in bulk in the form of:

The easiest way is to make a bag of a cylindrical shape. For this, you will need stuff for filling, a cover, a strong thread, a steel wire, a chain or rope, pliers and scissors.

The step-by-step instruction is simple: first of all, a base is formed, the edge of which corresponds to the cut length of the surface. The height of the product is selected individually. Then two smaller bags are sewn and inserted one into the other.

The pattern will require endurance and patience, and many details must be sewn manually by crochet. In any case, the quality of the seams will be worse than a bag bought in any sports store, and this threatens to prematurely spill stuffing.

Step 2. Punching bag case for training

In order to increase quality and cost, all cover materials are sold on the market:

Professionals work only with leather bags that can withstand long workouts. For the first test simulator, soldier’s leather or vinyl is suitable. Canvas is not recommended at all.

As a filler is used:

The scheme for filling a home-made punching bag looks like this: the inner bag is filled with pebbles, then placed in the second, filled with sand and finally sewn into the third, with sawdust.

At the same time, you need to take into account that after the first few training, the packing will compact and you will need to fill it up. The procedure will be repeated 5-6 times, and each time disassembly of the structure is required.

Step 3. Dimensions and weight, bag fastening

For workouts in the gym, the standard product height is 120 cm, for the home – 80 cm. Weight is selected depending on the athlete’s physique:

If space allows, then you need to choose a heavy punching bag for strokes and kicks. For an apartment, the weight limit is 60 kg. All sports models sold by stores are equipped with standard mounts that are safely mounted to the ceiling with a single anchor bolt.

Primitive home-made fastener is a circle of plywood, in the center of which a rope with a fixing unit is pulled. Its significant drawback is the lack of ability to adjust the height. That is present in the more expensive version of the ring, carbines and chains.

Step 4. Buy or make

At first glance, it seems that making the gear at home is cheaper, but on the other side of the balance are:

For these reasons, all attempts to make boxing equipment with one’s own hands are worthy but can occur impractically. Sometimes, the resulting products do not withstand competition with store counterparts in any parameter.

In any case, considering all the pros and cons, only you can decide for yourself which punching bag to install in your home gym.

Do you need a DIY punching bag?

If you want to improve your health and increase your strength, improve technique, speed and power of strikes, the punching bag is for you. At the same time, you have neither the time nor the desire to drag yourself to the gym. Then you need to make a punching bag and appropriate accessories and start training yourself.

If you are still tortured by doubts, “friends” prevent you, and a bunch of doubts stops you. Then you should carefully read this article and it will be much easier to make a decision. So doubts will leave in the past.

External reasons for doubts

When a person feels that he needs this punching bag or that powerful boxing bag, but does not dare to acquire it. Then several factors (or excuses) may be the reason for this:

Well, here is the solution: do not let manipulate you. If you want to make a punching bag and sure that you need it, then take it and do not ask anyone for permission.

Internal causes

Now we should understand the internal reasons for the excuses, and for this, we will list them in order:

Well, having considered the reasons, we will try to understand them, highlight all the pros and cons. Where you can use a punching bag, how to use it and why it is needed. We will also consider what specific benefit this gear has.

Benefits of a punching bag

To begin with, working with this kind of gear is a wonderful aerobic load. It is very useful for the cardiovascular system, for good blood circulation and for strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

When you strike the bag, you not only make muscle effort. But also, make your ligaments, joints, and bones feel stress. Accordingly, strengthen those parts, responding to stress. Under stress, body systems are forced to adapt to the increased load, as a result of which their “combat readiness” increases.

What is also interesting – practicing direct strokes against a punching bag remains a bench press with dumbbells. Mainly deltoid muscles, triceps, biceps (to retract the arms back, along with a whole group of back and neck muscles). The entire group of muscles of the forearm, hands and fingers works.

You can’t even talk about the stabilizing and powerful enough work of the biceps, muscles of the back and neck. Just look at the professional boxers and everything will become clear (remember Mike Tyson’s neck in his best years – wrestlers rest).

See also how to make DIY punching bag stand:

In general, those who work a lot with boxing bags are usually very physically developed. Moreover, the heavier the gear is, the harder it is to work on it – more severe and heavy blows are needed. This requires more effort, but the return increases as all the heavyweights of boxing, have a very powerful physique. In many respects, because they work on heavy gear that requires great speed and force.

As we mentioned above, work with punching bag creates a stressful situation for the musculoskeletal system. In particular, the same bones of the hands and fingers that form the fist – the main form of staging, are forced to become stronger. As they experience the greatest stress.

Why this is happening – the body just protects itself from excessive stress in the future and from possible injuries that may accompany it. After all, every stroke is an impulse that passes throughout the body. It is the strongest at the point of contact with the gear and is gradually extinguished by the body, as it moves away from this point.

But for home training, this is not a problem. In addition, if you do not be lazy to bandage your hands, then your bones will not suffer.

If you choose the load correctly, then an effect from this stress will be beneficial. How does it happen? After getting a load, your ligaments and bones have a new incentive to renew and strengthen. Moreover, during the strokes, the blood flows to muscles and they get a lot of nutritious elements.

It brings a great wellness effect. The main thing here is to know the limits. If you work too hard and rest not enough then your body just will not have enough time to recover. In such a case, you can get chronic inflammation instead of a positive effect.

Very often you can hear the excuse like “I’m a very busy person, that’s why even one hour of training is the time wasted.” But remember that if you give up the question of your health and a good physical shape, then it will forget about you soon.

In this case, you will feel bad, get tired, will be indifferent and lifeless. Besides, your working capabilities will decrease soon. That is why it is better to make the DIY punching bag and maintain regular training. You should understand that your body has the incline to improve with every workout.

Though, it will not be hard. After the first training, it is easy to fall asleep and your appetite should be ok. After the first month, you will notice that the strokes will be easier to perform. You will not need so much attention and will do it automatically.

Moreover, after a half of year, you will be capable to think over your things in the background. Besides, find the solution to problems you couldn’t solve for a long time. You will be able to solve your questions more effectively than before. Actually, only the head strokes the thread to your memory or mental capabilities.

See the correct technique of strokes for beginners:

Any intensive moving activity gradually improves coordination. Boxing with a punching bag, you include the muscle mass, do the thousands of usual moves. In the end, your body will thank you with not only raising the well-being but also developing coordination, balance and reaction.

Actually, it is not only useful but also enjoying. If you still cannot find the time for doing it, plan your day and find the periods where you can put the training with a punching bag. It will take only 3-4 hours a week and you will benefit in the shortest terms.

Myths about a punching bag

We have already shortly touched this question before, therefore you should understand that working the strokes with a punching bag do not involve your head. Your brain will not suffer so mental abilities as well. Of course, there is an impulse after each stroke.

But it has a much lower force than a direct hit to the head.  If you are sick or tired, feel the pain in your head, then it is better to postpone the training till you feel better.

Some people have work that demands a strong level of concentration. They are constantly busy with information analysis as the position obliges (accountant, financier, politician).

Well, the scientific data proved that being occupated with not mentally hard work, human continues to analyze the information. Though he is not directly involved in this at that moment. So, the process of looking for the solution goes on and it can arise at any moment.

That is why you should not be afraid of your mental process worsening. It will not suffer at all. Moreover, even necessary and non-standard solutions can arise during boxing.

Moreover, for storing strength, your body can turn on a protecting mode. You will not want to spend too much energy, you will need to rest more. And this will mean that your next training will pass much easier than the previous.

Here there are some special conditions. Just learn them to feel safe while using the punching bag. They are easy and do not take much time:


Summing up all the information, we can assume that making a DIY punching bag will be the right investment. It is especially useful for people who are attempting not only improve their health, appearance and level of physical training. But also for those who want to improve the battle techniques, work the stoke technique, aerobic-strength endurance and speed-power indicators.

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