Pumpkin diet for 12 days

N​eed a fat-burning meal plan from seasonal vegetables? This diet is a real find for the fans of a bright, healthy melon culture – pumpkin.

In the autumn, a lot of vegetables and fruits that would help to make the menu not only useful but also healthy are ripening. There is a variety of ideas for preparing autumn smoothies with seasonal ingredients.

Autumn diet is not less effective way to cheer up and improve the figure:

And, although the pumpkin itself is round, it can help in acquiring slender forms.

Pumpkin meal plan for 12 days

According to Ryan Raman on healthline.com:

This menu for weight loss for 12 days consists of three repeated cycles of 4 days each.

Accordingly, at the end of the fourth day, the food should be repeated from the menu on the first day. The effect is achieved due to low caloric intake, which is relatively easy to tolerate due to the high fibre content of the main product of the diet.

Reviews report that keeping to a diet for 12 days you can get rid of  6 extra pounds.

This menu for weight loss for 12 days consists of 3 repeating cycles 4 days each. According to this, at the end of the fourth day, ration should be repeated from the first-day menu.

The effect is achieved:

Serving volume on the diet is not restricted. You can eat allowed dish as much as you want. Take meals three times a day; snacks are prohibited. You can drink on a diet simple non-carbonated water (not less than 1.5 litres) and green tea without additives (3-4 cups a day).

Natale Olsen states on medicalnewstoday.com that pumpkin seeds – a valuable addition to the diet:

Rules which help, even if you do not lose a lot and immediately, but get useful habits and improve your figure:

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