5 autumn diets with pumpkin, carrots and aubergine

N​otice that your weight has become far from perfect? Especially when the summe is over.

You’ll agree when I say:

Well, how not to try a lot of southern delicacies, fruits, dishes of colorful local cuisine! Day by day our strength of will weakens in the desire to lose weight.

Here is the solution:

We offer you 5 simple autumn diets that will help you regain the desired forms.

5 season diets for weight loss

1. Substantial diet

Every woman can do the things that she doesn’t tell anybody. For example, most women who want to lose weight are not able to miss the snack, and lose weight, in this case, is very difficult. To tackle it, try a diet made specifically for those who like to eat.

According to your taste, instead of yogurt breakfast can be washed with acetic water: 2 tbsp. apple (or any other fruit) vinegar diluted in 200 ml of water. This drink will help enhance fat metabolism so you will notice it at once.

health.harvard.edu states that drunk wine during the meal, among other things, delays the intake of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, slows the digestion of proteins in the stomach and ultimately reduces excessive appetite.

2. Carrot diet

Everyone likes sometimes to crunch the carrot. So we introduce the carrot diet for these people. Fortunately, it refers to so-called express-diets. It is calculated only for 4 days but requires much strength.

Use the mixture instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and so eat for three days.

3. Healing diet

The healing diet is perfect if you want to lose 2-3 extra kilos. Its main point is as follows: do not exclude any food from the usual diet and do not replace them with others. After this diet, you’ll feel better and even your mood will be more cheerful.

Debra Rose Wilson reports on healthline.com:

Thirst can only be quenched by filtered or boiled water. On an empty stomach (before the first breakfast) you need to eat a little olive oil – from a teaspoonful to a tablespoon. After 15 minutes, drink a choice of 1 cup of any yogurt or kefir.

In a day for breakfast, you can eat one soft-boiled egg. You can have lunch with green or black tea.

Vegetable soup or borscht, as well as a small piece of boiled or steamed meat (you are allowed to eat fish cooked in the same way), a few little or one large slice of black bread.

Such a healing mixture perfectly normalizes the work of the intestine. By the way, it can be washed down with tea or water.

4. Autumn gifts

It is a rich diet with season vegetables because the products for it are easy to find. Also, it heals the body.

Before, prepare Carrot drink, with the help of which you’ll end your breakfast.  Carrots grate, pour cold with boiled water and leave for 2-3 hours. Strain, combine with cranberry (apple, pumpkin) juice and add a little sugar.

You can also make carrot soup or cauliflower soup.

5. Diet from Catherine Zeta-Jones

The famous actress keeps fit with the help of a soup diet.

Complement breakfast with fruit, a slice of bread with bran, coffee or tea without sugar.

Conclusion: tips for your healthy weight loss

Whatever you eat, you should always enjoy the food and take your time while eating. Those who chews and chews for a long time use less food and thus receives fewer calories.

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