Typically, dietary recipes contain foods that are low in carbohydrates and fats. Also, in the preparation of nutritional foods, flour products, sugar, raisins, macaroni, manna, buckwheat and rice groats, potatoes, chocolate, honey and various fruit juices and mousses have are very little use or not used at all. What to cook then? Prepare foods that are low in carbohydrates.

These are vegetables – zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots; fruits – tangerines, lemons. These include non-skim milk products, fish, mushrooms and herbs. Using these products, you can prepare a variety of dishes that will be not only used for weight loss but also be delicious. There are a lot of dietary recipes. For example, to prepare a delicious and low-calorie vegetable stew, you need to take onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini and cut them into cubes.

Carrots must be grated, and hot peppers chopped into small particles. Fry onions and carrots in oil, add a portion of spicy and Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, and put all of it frying. Then chopped cabbage and celery are spread in a saucepan, combine the remaining Bulgarian pepper. On top of that place a fry and mushrooms. Salt, chilli and stew on a slow fire under the cover. Shortly before being ready, add chopped garlic.

Another useful dish is a soup of courgettes. To prepare it, finely chop the onion and carrots, and cut the zucchini into cubes. Take a large pan and warm two tablespoons of butter in it. In butter, fry onions, carrots and zucchini. After five minutes, 5 cups of chicken broth should pour into the resulting mass. Let’s boil and cook until the courgette becomes soft. Ready soup is crushed in a blender to make mashed potatoes.

When serving on a table, the potatoes are sprinkled with chopped greens. These and other beneficial dietary recipes will be good helpers for you if you want to lose weight, and at the same time to eat delicious food.

Calorie content of foods

Scientists have repeatedly made analogies between low-calorie diets and elimination of carbohydrates; the former was better tolerated, weight loss was more stable and more uniform than with diets that exclude specific products. Some people doubt the benefits of calorie counting, but here are their pros.

First of all, you can eat everything you want. Many nutritionists recommend first calculating the amount of primary metabolism, for most this figure is in the range of 1200-1900 kcal. A person is thin when he spends more calories than consumes. When you compose the diet correctly, the feeling of hunger should not visit our body, you can independently choose dishes, after summing up their caloric content. Everyone can calculate the calorie content of foods. It can learn in just a couple of weeks. Often such skills help to control weight independently, not even adjusting after the end of a diet.

The caloric content of the product can be found on the Internet or in particular reference books, tables. Counting calories opens up the eyes for the true cause of weight gain and allows you to get out of your own. This method is not inferior to popular diets that promise fast results. The feeling remains at a high level, and the next kilograms will give a good mood and a charge of optimism.

Most diets ignore the count of calories but considering their food; you can see that their energy value is about 1500-1700, which is even less than the average energy consumption. It turns out that the goal is the same, but the means for achieving it are different. To master the calorie math, you need a table of calorie foods, pen, pad and kitchen scales.

Using the table you can find the caloric content of any product, after weighing you can determine the caloric content of the required portion. The enormous plus in calorie counting is that such a diet helps to lower and control your weight on its own, to eat what you like while saturating your body.

Dietary recipes for weight loss. What are calories?
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