How good is rowing machine for losing weight? Are there any better training machines?


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Hello, my name is Cher, and I am 24 years old. I am looking for a training machine which I can use at home.
Now I think that rowing machine will be the most suitable, but I still have some doubts. Could you give me answers to some questions?
My major aim is to lose some extra kilograms, so I will do only cardio exercises. How good is rowing machine for losing weight? What benefits it has compares to other kinds? Are there any better training machines which help lose weight?How many kilograms I can lose, training with it?
Hope you can help me, because I don’t want to waste money and time on the ineffective tool. I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks.

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    The uniqueness of the rowing simulator is its complexity. The main advantage of it is that the joints, ligaments and spine during training aren’t exposed to heavy load and aren’t injured.

    Anatomically, the mechanics of motion at rowing resembles a stanchion thrust – one of five basic cardio exercises. What is important, is that many people consider it as the number one exercise for muscle development. It is irresponsible for the formation of a powerful back and inflated hands.

    If you decide what rowing machine to choose I what advice you useful set of simulators where you can find the best one for you.

    Generally, for 30 minutes of intensive work on a rowing machine, you will burn an average of about 500 calories. This is almost twice as much as consumption of calories when running and cycling. Due to the cyclic, time-consuming work of all group of muscles, this outfit accelerates your metabolism to the limit.
    It improves your blood circulation, lung work, trains your heart and increases your stamina. In addition to that, classes on the rowing machine (with proper technique) are practically safe for the joints.

    To see the result, you have not only train on the rowing machine. Many factors affect the process of weight loss. Disassemble in your diet, make sure your calorie consumption exceeds your intake, sleep about 7 hours, avoid stressful situations and even following this few tips you will feel better.

    Note, you should do exercises for warming up inevitably before going to any training machine.

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