What jump rope games for children do you find beneficial?

Hello! Surfing the Internet, I found a useful article about Survival and Cross jump rope, jump ropes for fitness and weight loss and Cross rope review. There, lots of interesting games for children are present, such as The game “Wolf and Seven Kids”, Game “Frogs and the Heron”, Who is faster on one leg, Crossroads or Eight and many others. Amazing fitness activities for children. Have you tried doing them?

Personally, I use another kind of ropes – Poly dacron undulation rope for workout benefits, weighted squats with resistance bands. For measuring my progress, I use Yamay fitness tracker. See more trackers for you and your child:

Actually, my child is active, doesn’t like to sit in one place and do monotonous things. So I guess these games will suit him perfectly! And will provide benefits to his health as well. From early childhood, I try to make him do the morning exercises, play different sports games and sit less in front of his computer. So now I decided to take it even more seriously. First of all, need to know your opinion:

  • Did you apply jump rope games for children? Which activities do you find really useful? Which ones do your children like and which do not?

Looking forward to reading your answers. Share your experience. Want to read it before buying the speed jumping rope and choosing the workout program for my child. Thanks in advance!

Who is faster on one leg

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The game “Fishing rod” develops coordination and endurance. For playing it, you can take a little and big amount of players.

First of all, you need to choose the conducting player, who takes place in the circle. All the children are around him. The main takes the rope and starts to rotate it so that it easily glides on the floor, making circle after circle. At a time when the rope slides under the players’ feet, they must jump so that it does not hit anyone.

If the jumping rope hit someone, he is considered caught. Approaching the conducting player (fisher) is prohibited. The caught player becomes fisher, and that takes his place.

This game has one more variant. Players that are caught leave the circle. The one that stays in the end is the winner.

“The ten” is suitable for any amount of children. But they should separate into groups of 4 people. The whole game consists of stages that each player must go through.

If the jump rope touches the head or leg – it is considered a mistake. If one of the players is mistaken, the next one takes his place. That player who is mistaken waits his turn. He continues from the same stage where he made a mistake.

The stages:

  1. Ten jumps on two legs through a rope.
  2. Nine jumps on the left leg through a rope.
  3. Eight jumps on the right leg.
  4. Seven jumps through a rope on crossed legs.
  5. Six jumps back on two legs.
  6. Five jumps running ahead.
  7. Four jumps running back.
  8. Three jumps on two legs ahead crossing hands in front.
  9. Two jumps back, crossing hands in front.
  10. One jump back, crossing legs and hands.

The player who finishes the first wins the game.

This game develops attention and durability. From 10 to 15 players can take part.

First of all, you need to choose 2 players who pull the rope and twist it. All the players line up and say in chorus: “Tick-tick, tick-tick.” The jump rope is twisted to the rhythm.

The main idea of the game: the first player approaches the jump rope and bounces one time. Then it goes to the end of the line. The next player jumps two times and so on.

If the player is mistaken while counting or jumping, it changes the place with one of the players twisting the jump rope. Counting starts again.

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