What easy to do core fitness exercises do you know?

Hi to all! Until the New Year remains quite a bit time and I really want to meet him beautiful and graceful. I think everyone wants to be so! My most problematic area is the stomach. I am writing to you to help me pump up the abs to celebrate the New Year with the company of best friends without any complexes.

We all know that working on the press and sides is one of the most painstaking and difficult, as this involves a huge number of muscles, which ultimately help us not only look beautiful but also help maintain a beautiful posture and normal functioning of the internal organs. The ideal female figure is clearly formed in our heads – taut muscles, embossed breasts and buttocks, flat tummy. However, with the birth of a child or a set of extra kilograms, the tummy treacherously sticks out or hangs down and does not go away at all, even on the strictest diet.
Unfortunately, the female body is such that our waist is always a problem area. She loses weight and gets an aesthetic appearance of the latest. But you shouldn’t put up with it – you can tighten your stomach even at home, doing half an hour a day and repeating simple exercises. I know, that the most important thing in classes is a regularity, methodicalness and motivation, the desire to make your figure the way you would like to see it.

I understand that many women are beginning to persistently and methodically “rock the press”, which makes one common mistake. Instead of melting fat deposits, bulging muscles appear in front, along with the rectus muscles of the abdomen, and the sides remain flabby and saggy, which is also not very aesthetic. In order for the waist to be attractive from all sides, it is necessary to load all the muscle groups in the abdomen and back evenly, then the uniform muscle tone and activity will give weight loss and fitness.

Therefore, the main question is: What effective 10 core Fitness Exercises are Easy to Do? 

What abs exercises the easiest to perform? Which workout programs for core muscles do you know? What effective exercises for the stomach are the easiest? How many times per week should I do these exercises for quick effect? What basic abdominal muscle exercises do you know? What can make abs cubes visible? Is it necessary to warm up your muscles before starting your workout? What exercises involve the superficial and deep rectus muscles of the abdomen and back muscles? How much time on average does this complex of exercises for core muscles take? What if this load is too large for me? What exercises most effectively involve side press?

I am really waiting for your answers!

What effective 10 core Fitness Exercises are Easy to Do? 

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I see that Eva answered your question about what can make your abs cubes visible. But I want to add that there are exercises you need to do to have a relief press.
I want to tell you the secret – in order to build up the muscles of the press you need to train them like other muscles of your body. However, finding the right exercises for training the direct muscle is much easier than for a bulky muscle group because it performs a simple twisting function. Understanding this makes it possible to exclude from the training system 80% of exercises you use for the press.

Exercises to make your abs cubes visible:


This is the basic exercise for the development of the press. If you have a problem with a constant lack of time, use only this exercise, because the lying twisting can reduce the press at the maximum amplitude of motion. There are many options for exercising:
– roman chair;
– lying on the floor;
– with the help of a sloping bench;
Accordingly, the lower your torso is in relation to the legs, the bigger the load on the right abdominal muscle and the implementation becomes more complicated and the amplitude of motion increases.


This is an absolutely opposite and inverted way of training the direct press muscle with the usual twisting squatting. In this exercise, the pelvis is already twisted in relation to the body. There is an opinion that this movement makes to work the bottom press muscles. Probably you know more than one variant of the above described exercise:

lifting the feet lying on the floor, hanging on the bar with a powerful movement to raise the legs to the head

The training program to make your abs cubes visible:

Perform 4 sets of each exercise and try to reach burning for 30 seconds. This interval contributes to the better development of the press. Always do the full amplitude of the movement and accelerate to maximize the press. Rapid exercise will exhaust energy reserves and maximally tire the muscle. Rest between sets should not exceed 60 seconds.

The first training scheme:
1. Twisting in the position of lying 4 sets – execute up to 50 repetitions, while failing to achieve within 30 seconds.
2. Lifting the legs on the 4th set – up to 15 repetitions.

Second training scheme:
1. Lying on the back, lifting the pelvis 4 sets – up to 15 repetitions.
2. Press in the Roman chair 4 sets – up to 15 repetitions.

Choose one of the above schemes and train the press no more than 3 times a week, this is quite enough. All training will take no more than 10 minutes, but over time you will notice the results of your hard work. And do not forget to wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to do your exercises easily and with no problems.

To conclude, just use my recommendations and surprise everyone with your visible abs cubes and muscular press.

I also want to be in a good shape till New Year. So I want to help you. I have looked something interesting up and want to share my knowledge with you. Besides, do not forget about healthy nutrition. So, you should know about 3-day spinach diet for rapid weight loss. I tried it myself the previous year and it really helped me to lose weight fast before my birthday.
The secret of the tightened body and good health has been revealed a long time ago. Its main components are nutrition and regular sports. Have a look at some core fitness exercises that are easy to do:

1. Core exercises for the perfect press help you to have elastic and flat stomach.
How to do:
Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, legs parallel to the floor. Select the left foot at an angle of 45 and adjust the body to it, helping the right number and slightly lifting the shoulder blades. Length at the same time should remain in place. Repeat the exercise 30 times in 3 events.

2. Core strengthening exercises for handsome hands will let you to have stretched hands without the effect of “wings” in the upper part of the shoulder.
How to do:
To do the exercises you will need dumbbells. Stand straight, legs at shoulder width. Take the dumbbells in your hands, bend your elbows to look at the level of the shoulders. Smoothly grind your hands, lifting dumbbells over your head. At the top, continue to pay the elbows. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

3. Exercise for strengthening the muscles of the chest
How to do:
You need a chair or fitball, as well as dumbbells. Lower the upper part of the back to the surface, supporting the torso on the half-inclined legs. Take dumbbells in each hand, straighten them and hold on to them. Slowly start to lower your arms behind your head, as much as possible down. Take a deep breath, engage the liveliness when lowering your hands. Turning to the starting position, exhale. Take 4 approaches with 12 repetitions.

4. Exercise for a thin waist
How to do:
You can use dumbbells again to improve your efficiency. Hold them over your head, squeezing your hands tightly against your head. Keep track of your back and spine, they should be straight. Make slow oblique strictly along the side of the legs. Perform 2 approaches to 15 exercises.

5. Exercise for the buttocks and hips to have elastic buttocks and tucked muscles of the hips
How to do:
Sit on the floor and hold the housing perpendicular to the floor. With the efforts of removal and feeding rise to the side, and therefore, hold the weight on their hands. During the exercise, drag and drop. Fix the pose for 30 seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 30 times.

6. Exercise for the legs to have slender legs that are clearly marked with relief lines and sharp knees.
How to do:
Lie on your back, bend your legs in your lap, put your hands along the body. While lifting the body, you will not interact with the floors, voices, shoulders, letters and feet. Alternately straighten the right, then the left foot. Slowly lower the torso to the starting position from the tire to the belt. Exercise 20 times.

7. Squatting for strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks
How to do:
Place legs wider than shoulders and squat. Do not remove the heel from the floor, the feet should be placed at an angle of 45 in different places. Keep track of the direct line from the nape to the coccyx, do not bend your back and do not slouch. The knees in the lower position should not move forward, inside or outside – their position above the feet. Exercise 50 times.

8. Stretch to increase muscle tone and joint mobility
How to do:
Steam stretch marks should be carried out neatly, withstanding every posture for 10 to 30 seconds until tension disappears. Sit on the floor and spread your legs apart. Slowly tilt the case forward, trying to get your knee, also smoothly and in no hurry turn to the starting position and stretch to the left knee. Repeat the exercise 6 times for each side.

9. Walking to have stretched and slim body
How to do:
Correct walking help to keep your muscles in tone. The back and head should be straight, not under the feet, but forward. Shoulders should be straightened and relaxed, as well as turn on the buttocks and muscles of the buttocks. Make a step, firstly on the heel, then onto the sock. Burning of fat begins only after 45 minutes of walking, so you need to continue from 40 minutes to an hour.

Hope that my information will be useful for you.

You have asked a really interesting question. I did not know what can make abs cubes visible, so I looked up some information in the books and want to share it with you. Pumping the relief press is the most popular issue of people having a high percentage of fat in the abdomen.

What can make abs cubes visible:

To start, let’s determine: the appearance of the abdominal press does not depend on the volume of work performed on it. It depends on the percentage content in the body of subcutaneous fat. If your goal is the appearance of cubes in the press, you need to follow the rules given below:

1. You need to review your food system – remove or reduce the consumption of such foods: sugar, sweets, flour products (you can leave bread made from flour of rough grinding), starchy carbohydrates, fats of animal origin (fat, spaghetti, butter, cream). It is necessary to increase the daily amount of protein consumed at the expense of the following products: non-fat chicken, cheese, fat-free, fish of cod breeds, you can use high-protein mixes (with a protein content of 70-80%). It will save your muscles from destruction because of reducing the quantity of calories. Eat more vegetables. You can read about 7 simple and easy vegetable salad recipes – it will easier for you to eat food you need with no discontent and enjoy it.

2. After strength training, spend 30-40 minutes aerobic workout (jogging track, bicycle lane, elliptical skier, can use rope racing). At the same time, ensure that the intensity of the training is average, because instead of burning fat, you begin to perform cardio-training.

3. To enhance the effect of burning fat, you can use L-carnitine or fat burning remedies. For these purposes you will still come up with: caffeine, ephedra, Guarana extract. They need to be taken immediately before training.

4. Also, it is necessary to reduce the amount of salty food for better burning of fats, and, as a consequence, for improving the appearance of the abdominal press, to reduce fluid retention in the body.

5. If you want to improve the relief and bullying, remember that the press is the same muscle as others in your body. So, to increase its volume, you need to do the same you do with other muscles.

6. In order to form a relief press you need to solve two problems. First one is to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. Second – you need to increase the size of the direct muscle by building up the additional muscle tissue. After completing these two tasks, you are guaranteed to make your press relief and powerful.

7. It is necessary to adhere to low-carbohydrate diet to get rid of excess fat. You need to understand that getting rid of fat is a biochemical process that helps to split triglycerides into fatty acids. That is why subcutaneous fat cannot be crushed, melted or squeezed out of its cellular structure. Based on the information mentioned above, I can confidently say that any physiotherapeutic procedures: bath, massage, and others, – do not burn subcutaneous fat. You need only a low-calorie diet, with which you will accelerate the fallen metabolism and force the body to use fat as a consumable material for the life support of the muscular structure and internal organs.

So, if you will follow all these rules, you will be able to make your abs cubes more visible.

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