When do you work on your Triceps and Biceps?

Hi everyone! I’m involved in sports comparatively recently. My workouts are not heavy so the result is yet not striking. For the last 2 month, I’ve been working on improving my posture. I performed lots of core fitness exercises that are really easy to do! Besides, back workouts for men from fitness experts also helped me a lot. In general, my posture has improved. So now I’m planning to set new goals.

I’ve started doing one of the newest kinds of workout – Crossfit training. Actually, it’s a way of training to get the maximum results in a short period of time. My friends recommended me this kind of workouts. They said it’s a great way to make your body fit and toned. Besides, while doing the workouts all muscles strain. So you become ready for more heavy training. Such as dumbbell exercises – the best way to improve your body. I decided to start working on my Triceps and Biceps in 1 month. So I need your help to know how to correctly plan my workout routine. My question to you is the following:

  • In what time it is better to work on your Triceps and Biceps? Share your experience when do you get the best result.

Looking forward to reading your answers! Thanks!

When do you work on your Triceps and Biceps?

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Hello, Emily!
You asked a very good question! When I began to do sport, I did not know what time is the most appropriate to do it and it was a problem for me. Everyone has different purposes, do a big variety of kinds of sport, different exercises. You want to know in what time it is better to work on your Triceps and Biceps. And I will help you. The main rule is to know how to organize your workout routine right. The regularity of performing exercises is the key to a perfect and toned body. Whatever you choose – attending a gym, swimming, jogging or regular gymnastics in the morning, the benefits are obvious. But is there a difference at what time of a day it is better to do sports, and can it somehow affect the result?

How to choose the optimal training time to get the best results?
There are a lot of different answers on this question because a lot depends on the physiological features of your organism, the mode of the day and the type of training.

Some experts think that it depends on your internal biorhythms. You know that all people are conventionally divided into “larks” and “owls”. So, depending on what time of a day a person feels the best, have a lot of desire, energy, and strength to do anything, determine at what time of the day it is better to engage in sports.

Others think that in the afternoon the body temperature reaches the most appropriate mark for effective active occupations. The pain threshold decreases, the muscles, and ligaments become elastic, and the probability of injury is virtually eliminated.

One way or another, you need to experiment and prefer, first of all, your own feeling and health status. Therefore, the only thing that really matters is the regularity. Getting used to a stable schedule of classes, the body itself will be ready to load in the appointed hours.
Experienced fitness instructors believe that after 1 p.m. of the day, physical activity of each person decline and desire to relax increase. Restoration of your strength occurs only at 4 p.m. – and especially at this time you are ready for intensive training. It is the best time to work on your Triceps and Biceps, work with weights and do exercises for different muscle groups for the development of strength and endurance;

Going to the gym for a lunch break, it is important to remember that only after 2-3 hours after eating you can go in for sports. This time is enough to make the food completely digested, and the stomach does not interfere with productive training.

Daytime is the best time to develop strength and endurance. Choosing the right time it is necessary to pay attention to a few principles: routine; food mode; general well-being;

Trying to do exercises at a different time, you will quickly understand what time is right for you. Different people after the same training time do not feel the same.

It’s very important to find time that is the most appropriate for you to achieve great results and have good health and a good body. Listen to your body, always trust your feelings and practice with pleasure!
Evening times is one of the most convenient time for those who are busy all day. Therefore in the evening you can relieve stress and have a great time in the gym. The most appropriate time for intensive classes like working on your Triceps and Biceps is the time from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., when the body is completely ready for the load, despite the daily fatigue.
Hope this information will be useful for you.

Hi Emily!

I would like to note that everyone who has taken himself in hand and is engaged in any kind of sport is already on the right track, and it does not matter at what time of the day he does.

The main thing is that he does it! It is necessary to understand that even after reading our recommendations, you yourself choose the time of training in accordance with your employment and your desire.

Scientists have proven that the best time to train in the gym is 4-5 hours after noon.

The best time for strength training and weight

The evening is the ideal time for strength training. You can familiarize yourself with mass training in our article Mass Training Program. However, you should provide dinner for 1,5-2 hours before a workout, so as not to load your body with a dense meal before bedtime.

You should also remember that there are many other equally important components of a successful training. The most important of these are:

  • training regularity
  • good and proper nutrition
  • relaxation
  • desire and faith in the result

If you have the opportunity to do the recommended physical activity at the recommended time, then this is great: you will naturally help your body quickly achieve the desired result. If you have no such opportunity, then do not worry, your body will choose the best time for training itself, the main thing is to listen to it carefully and help it to find this time.

We dismantled all the pros and cons of training at different times of the day. Adjust the time of your workouts for the goals and your health, so it will be easier for you to organize yourself and you do not want to miss workouts. Anyway, the main thing is not training time, but its content and consistency. Always be engaged at the same time, then your body will get used to the loads and adjust to your training schedule.

So, there are no specific time to work. Just train and everything will be OK!

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