Nowadays smoothies have become top drink in proper nutrition diets. Let’s remind, smoothies – drinks from vegetables, berries and fruit, prepared with the help of a blender.

Vegetables and fruits of red colour can protect our body from serious diseases. They contain many vitamins and minerals. Red fruits and vegetables are rich in lycopene, which has an antioxidant function, ellagic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and can even reduce the risk of HIV disease and the appearance of tumours.

Today we share with you ideas of cocktails from red products. The method of preparation is the same as in the case of usual cocktails. It is necessary to crush vegetables and fruits in a blender to a homogeneous mass and if necessary add a little water.

How to make 10 amazing red cocktails? Try and you’ll cheer up!

Watermelon and raspberry cocktails
Red antioxidant smoothie with a weight loss effect!
  • a handful of fresh raspberries;
  • pomegranate fresh;
  • half apple;
  • 2 slices of watermelon.


Watermelon and strawberry smoothies

Vitamin Dietary cocktail, abundant with folic and ascorbic acid.

  • watermelon
  • a handful of ripe strawberries


Strawberry-lemon smoothy
A powerful antioxidant smoothie with amazing taste.
  • lemon fresh;
  • water;
  • a handful of ripe strawberries.


Strawberry-apple cocktails

This smoothie differs in incredible natural strength (a mixture of flavonoids, pectins, vitamins, fibre, plant proteins and minerals).

  • 2 kiwi fruit;
  • 1 red apple;
  • a handful of ripe strawberries.


Tomato-cucumber cocktail
Delicious smoothies, full of natural antioxidants.
  • ripe tomatoes;
  • a couple of slices of red bell pepper;
  • fresh cucumbers.


Beetroot and apple cocktails
It is prepared from boiled beet, which preserves all the biologically active substances.
  • fresh mint;
  • boiled beetroot;
  • 1 slice of ginger;
  • 1 red apple.


Tomato-lemon drink
Delicious tomato smoothies with a light sour!
  • ripe tomatoes;
  • a bunch of parsley;
  • lemon fresh.


Cherry smoothies
A refreshing cocktail, saving from overwork and depression.
  • a handful of ripe cherries;
  • mint leaves;
  • half a grapefruit.


Beetroot and carrot cocktails

The combination of beets and carrots gives this drink unique cleaning properties.

  • boiled beetroot;
  • lime juice;
  • fresh carrots.


Beetroot and currant cocktails
This smoothie is literally filled with pectins, eliminating any gastrointestinal ailments.
  • Red currant;
  • pear or apple;
  • a couple of pieces of boiled beetroot


Making your perfect smoothy, you can use a variety of fruits, vegetables and berries so that everyone will find a favourite version of the drink, but not to make a drink too thick, you need to add a little water during the whipping of the products.

The most appetising combinations of red drinks:

Smoothies of watermelon, raspberry, pomegranate and apple

Watermelon has many useful ingredients and is considered a dietary product that contributes to weight loss. To make the drink the most useful, you need to add a small amount of pomegranate juice, raspberries and apple. It is better not to drink cocktailswith watermelon before the night because it has a strong diuretic effect.

Cocktails of watermelon and strawberries

Adding a small number of strawberries to the watermelon, you can get a drink rich in folic acid and vitamin C. Strawberry not only protects against viruses but also has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Caloric content of strawberries and watermelon is not very large so that drink can be drunk both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Cocktails with strawberries and lemon

If you regularly get cold, then a drink made of strawberries with a small amount of lemon will be an excellent remedy for fighting colds, besides, it will replenish the supplies of vitamin C in the body.

Cocktails from tomatoes, pepper and cucumber

If you are tired of sweet drinks, you can prepare a refreshing drinkfrom vegetables. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant, they have a positive effect on digestion, normalising it. The freshness of the drink will give cucumbers, and an unusual taste will come if you add a small amount of red pepper to the smoothie.

Smoothies of tomatoes, parsley and lemon juice

Another great version of vegetable cocktails. Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it can eliminate unpleasant odours and whiten teeth. If you like a little sourness in the drinks, in tomato drinks with parsley, you can safely add a little lemon juice.

Conclusion: Advantages of red cocktails

Look carefully at all the facts below and find out what are the benefits of cocktails. After that, it seems you cannot resist trying them anymore!

Honestly, we love them very much, and they help us not only to keep fit but also solve many of our health problems. But okay, let’s look at the list of advantages:

1. Get your daily norm of fruits and vegetables

Consuming a sufficient amount that is recommended by nutritionists, fruits and vegetables can be a problem. But by mixing a few servings of each of them into a beautiful cocktail, you will get what you need. Red drinks will satisfy your daily need for this with ease.

2. Smoothies – it’s quick and easy

Creating your own, nutrient-filled cocktail does not take long. This is easier than preparing most dishes. This gives you more time for other things.

3. Cocktails for children

Fortunately, most children love the taste of this creamy mashed potatoes. It has a natural flavour, sweetened with fruit or a healthy sweetener: honey, maple syrup or stevia.

4. Drinks for losing weight

Provide your body with a lot of vitamins and minerals, necessary for its proper work, with the help of drinks. If you make them do them right, you will notice how quickly and easily you lose your extra pounds.

5. Cocktails for digestion

I know it’s hard for many of you but eating disorders occur in most people. To solve this problem, throw more greens into your blender and mix all the ingredients. Give your digestive system the most valuable thing that it needs: vitamins, fibres and so on. Our cocktails  will quickly contribute to excellent digestion.

Stay fit and healthy!

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