For many centuries of development, mankind has invented a huge number of “devices” for outdoor activities: roller skates, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, … – The list goes on for a long time, but today we will talk about jumping stilts, which today, unfortunately, are forgotten. And in vain! Walking on stilts is not only very exciting but also useful entertainment, contributing to the development of balance, dexterity, strengthening hands and feet.

Jump over the car, run 5 kilometres in 10 minutes, do somersaults over a person – these and other tricks surprise jumpers to passers-by. Do you think that only acrobats can master jumping stilts running fast? And no. Instructors assure that everyone can use the equipment. Such as Jump-bird Jumping Stilts, Air-Trekkers Adult Model, ZGUO Adult Kangaroo shoe and others. It’s like learning how to ride a bike: almost everyone who has tried it has mastered it. Ten minutes of instruction – and catch your sea of pleasure and drive.

It remains only to find out where you can buy “boots-walkers”, how to choose high-quality jumping stilts for an acceptable price and learn how to use them. So today, we will consider these issues in our article.

An educational program for a beginner jumper

Since there is no official name for this sport, you can find various options on the Internet: jumping, Jolie-jumping (for a specific brand of simulators), bocking (after the creator – Austrian engineer Alexander Bock), scaling.

Jumpers are children (up to 45 kg) and adults. The latter are provided for people of different weights: 50-70, 70-90 and 90-110 kg. The first steps on the jumping stilts can be done in five years — almost all beginners after the second lesson move on the jumping stilts by themselves.

Simulators are selected depending on both the weight of the person and height. Subject to the rules and instructions, the likelihood of injury is negligible. The design is made so that the leg to the knee is rigidly fixed in the simulator. The obligatory set of outdoor enthusiasts includes elbow pads, wrist protection, and knee pads – all provided by the distributors. In fact, they should give out a helmet, but, as they explained to us in one of the rentals, no one will allow you to do the most difficult tricks in the first classes, which means you can do without a helmet.

Some facts about leg jumping stilts:

  • People who like to move, want to lose weight, improve coordination, instil a love for sports to children or improve their results in other sports – acrobatics, gymnastics, jumping, running, are engaged in jumping. Jumping develops coordination and strength, strengthens the muscles of the back, legs, abdominals, has a general developmental effect;
  • Using a jumper, you can reach a speed of up to 40 km / h, jump up to three meters in height, and take steps up to 6 meters. The weight of the simulator on one leg is about 4 kg. According to rumours, for a month, you can lose up to 9 kg of weight;
  • Up wing jumping stilts can be operated in almost any weather, and even in winter – just change tires. Exception: slippery asphalt / pavement / tiled surface (ice, snow, clay, frost), heavy rainfall (rain / snow / hail).

Top 5 best jumping stilts on Amazon

Consider the 5 best jumpers for adults from different price categories. Sort from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  1. Jump-bird Jumping Stilts Pogo Stilts88-132lbs/40-60kg Black
    Jumping stilts
    Full Aluminum Frame 6063 Style, Thickness 2.8mm, Nylon Belt, High-Quality Fibreglass Spring, Wear Proof & Skid Proof Rubber Foot
    Spring: special reinforced glass fibre; Body: aluminium alloy; Step: rubber; Connection: bolt or nut
    Load Range :Weight: 88-132lbs/40-60kg,CE&SGS Certification
    It is easy to use, Balancing on Stilts is the same as in walking
    an all-body fitness machine, popular sports goods, Nice gift
  2. Air-Trekkers Adult Model – Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts – Medium, 160-210 lbs
    Jumping stiltsSafest highest quality carbon-fibre spring member
    Durable aluminium construction for safety
    Run, manoeuvre and jump with ease
    Develop valuable motor and awareness skills
    Daily health benefits of jumping exercise do not carry the risks of high-impact activities
  3. Air-Trekkers Adult Model – Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts – Small, 120-160 lbs
     Jumping stilts
    Safest highest quality carbon-fibre spring member
    Durable aluminium construction for safety
    Run, manoeuvre and jump with ease
    Develop valuable motor and awareness skills
    Daily health benefits of jumping exercise do not carry the risks of high-impact activities
  4. ZGUO Adult Kangaroo shoe Men Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise (155~200 Ibs/70~90kg) Bouncing shoes
     Jumping stilts

    Certification: SGS and CE,it indicates this jumping stilts are safe to play
    Manufactured By:Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product’s Supplier
    Load Range:Weight: 155~200 Ibs/70~90kg
    It is the newest and popular sports gear in the world

  5. GT Cobra
     Jumping stilts

    Comes Standard with Cobra Cuff
    Spring is 15% more responsive
    Jump 5 Ft High, Run 25 MPH

How to choose jumping stilts

Jumping stilt – sports equipment, the and/or part of which is a spring.
Under load, this spring is compressed and then straightened, pushing the jumper upwards.
So it turns out the jump. If you correctly select the type of jumping stilts for weight and physical training of the jumper, then classes on this projectile will bring a lot of pleasure from spectacular, and at the same time safe jumps.

 Jumping stilts

Jumper manufacturers usually divide carbon fiber running stilts into categories, for example, 50-70 kg, 70-90 kg, and 90-110 kg. There are more rigid springs, but in our store, the range is represented by jumping stilts with springs up to 110 kg. Moreover, it is important to understand that “kg” in this case is not just the weight of the person jumping on it, but the load that the spring experiences at the moment of compression.

The load on the spring depends on the weight of the athlete, as well as on his physical fitness. The more prepared the jumper is, the more he tries to push off from the ground in order to jump as high and as beautiful as possible!

What happens if you choose the wrong jumping stilts? If you choose too “weak” spring, then after landing it simply can not straighten and push the person up! And if you choose an overly elastic spring, then it will not bend at all and instead of jumpers, you get ordinary stilts.

 Jumping stilts


To get the maximum benefit and get the maximum pleasure from jumpers, you need to select them by two parameters: 1. The weight of the jumper 2. Physical training of the jumper. By physical training, we understand the possibilities and the desire to jump high and effectively! After all, not all jumper users want to jump very high – some use them exclusively for running. Running on jumping stilts very effectively trains all muscle groups.

An approximate algorithm for the selection of jumpers

IT is that the weight of the jumper must add another 20-30% of the weight. For example:

  1. A person’s weight is 60 kg, we add 20 kg for high jumps = 80 kg. This means the best-fit jumpers category 70-90.
  2. A person’s weight is 70 kg + 25 kg for high jumps = 95 kg. Suitable jumping stilts 90-110!
  3. The weight of a person is 100 kg. For high jumps, you need to add about 35 kg, i.e., jumpers of category 90-110 will not be able to jump high, only to train effectively in the running. If desired, you can purchase even more rigid springs, which are sold separately – up to 120 kg.

That is why more than half of sales of adult jumpers fall into the category of 90-110, despite the fact that the average weight of buyers is 70 kg.

How to jump on jumping stilts

Learning how to handle stilts is much easier than it might seem at first glance. It is almost like with parachute jumping: the main thing is to overcome fear, and the rest will turn out by itself.

Of course, without outside help and support (in the truest sense of the word), the first time is not enough, but the learning process itself is more like entertainment!

Here are some useful tips on mastering “stilted skills”:

  1. Standing on stilts should be confident, keeping your back as straight as possible, “stretching your chest forward.”
  2. Do not spread your legs too wide.
  3. Learn to “treading on” an imaginary circle.
  4. Try to get used to the fact that for walking you do not need to bend your knees.
  5. Step on stilts is performed by raising one leg (not to the side and not forward): you should try to make one limb shorter than the other.
  6. And finally: learn to walk on stilts in the presence of a friend and with his help!

In general, the complexity of comprehending the art of walking on stilts is akin to mastering a bicycle. How much time did it take for you to learn to ride a bike?

And when you learn to walk confidently, you will gradually be able to run and dance, and even jump on stilts, and, maybe, you will participate in various shows, appear in commercials, and, what is there, become world famous!

Jumping Lessons: how to jump over the routine? School of Boking

Attention! First of all, to learn how to walk, and then run, jump, tumble at the high jumping stilts, you need to know where you don’t have to walk …

“Let’s put the world on our hooves!” Is the motto of all jumpers.

Do not use the Jolly jumper in places where there is a narrow road, at street corners or intersections with limited visibility. On a meadow, lawn or on mats, since this surface is too soft to rest on. Slippery surface, wet asphalt, covered with fallen leaves, too, is strictly contraindicated, “hoofs” are moving in different directions. On the cobbled streets, you should not accelerate too much, “stumbling” is simply inevitable here.

You should not move on the jumping stilts on a steep slope or stairs from the top down, an unexpected somersault through the head in such places often make and experienced boxers. You can get injured yourself and hurt others.

 Jumping stilts

Before the start using a jumping stilts.

Firstly, find out whether there is a party of jumpers in your city. And like-minded people will gain, and useful tips will help, and everyone will learn the tricks. If not, then for the first classes you need to find a flat area with a hard surface, preferably with a low fence and a bench and an assistant for the first few lessons.

Be sure to first wear protective equipment – a helmet and protective pads for knees, elbows, wrists. All these devices come complete with the “glands” themselves. It is necessary to do this since the falls in the jumping are simply inevitable.

It is forbidden to use any open shoes – flip-flops, sandals, etc. The best footwear for practising boking – sneakers or other sports shoes.
All device belts must be tight. Adjust the fastened part of the support platform to put your foot in a comfortable position.
Warming up before getting on the simulators is a must! Never get up on jumping stilts without stretching your leg muscles!

Lesson 1. Stand up

Learning to get up on the Jolly Jumper is best done with an assistant. To keea p balance at first will be very difficult, therefore it is better to rely on someone. You can learn to stand up yourself, leaning on the surface of the bench or fence.
The assistant should at this time only insure you against falling back. After getting up on the jumping stilts for the first time, there is a feeling of insecurity and clumsiness. It will pass. The main thing – remember that just stand on the jumping stilts hard, you have to constantly shift from one foot to another.

Lesson 2. Walk with support

Having established the balance, carefully take steps, while relying on the assistant. Gradually moving away from the assistant, start walking on your own. If you stumble, just align yourself, how would you do it during a simple walk.

Lesson 3. Move independently

  • Having learned to maintain balance, try to walk on your own. And yet, at first, it is desirable that there is a helper nearby, who at the right time can help you rise, insure and support you morally.
  • First, take small steps. The legs should be pulled forward, the knees should be raised high, as when running in place. The toes should look inwards. If you follow these rules, the springs will not cling to each other. To stand confidently, you need not to strain, but to relax your muscles, constantly imitating running on the spot.

Lesson 4. Falling and getting up. Already by yourself

  1. Falling in bocking is an inevitable thing. To avoid serious consequences, please observe the following rules:
    Always wear protective gear;
    When falling, you need to bend, press your knees to your body and clasp them with your hands.
    If you fall from a great height, you can make a roll forward or to the side;
    Do not immediately try to jump high and perform acrobatic numbers;
    all this will be, but a little later.
  2. To get up after a fall, it is best to hold on to any support. If there is nothing to lean on, bring one leg back, one – forward and bend it at the knee. Put your back leg on your knee, then jump a little and stand on both legs. Such a manoeuvre is difficult enough, keeping balance in it is not easy. Jumping stilts

Lesson 5. Running

Going from walking to jogging is pretty simple. Just gradually accelerate the movement. But running is different from walking, not only long steps. With fast movement, it is easier to fall than with normal walking. Put the “hoof” on the ground evenly, all over the surface – this will help maintain balance. Muscles of the body try to keep relaxed. First, it is easier to keep balance, and secondly, you will be less tired. Gradually, you can easily overtake people on rollers, boards, and even cyclists.

Lesson 6. Jumping

Only having learned well how to stand, walk, run, should one begin to master the following elements – jumps. In Boking, there are two main types of jumps.

  1.  Jump from one foot to another.
    Mastering the technique of jumping is better with this variety because jumping with one foot is like running. The main difference is the application of force when pushing up (when running, the force is directed forward). Jumping alternately from the left foot to the right foot, try to push as much as possible at the moment of contact of the foot with the surface. You need to land on the other leg. The more power will be applied, the higher you will be able to rise above the ground.
  2. Leap from two legs.
    This kind of jumping is much more powerful, and at the same time – more difficult than the previous one. Here the hardest thing is to keep balance because you need to push off at once from two springs.
    To learn how to perform a jump with two legs to a height of three meters, you must first practice jumping to a small height. Try springing, slightly bending the legs at the knees. If you manage to keep balance, you can gradually increase the height of the jump. For this you need to push off more, pushing on the springs. Spending enough time training, you can achieve great results in this, perhaps the most spectacular leap.

Professional tricks using Jumping Stilts

Among all the tricks performed by Jumpers, there are some particularly impressive ones.

Giant jumps.

 Jumping stilts

For jumping to the greatest height it is better to push off with both legs at once. With special skill, such jumps are gigantic in height and length. To perform this technique, you must first make a series of less powerful jumps. Pushing each time with greater force and increasing potential, you should throw your legs forward….

Jump with rear grip.

 Jumping stilts

The basis of this technique is also a jump with two legs. However, to perform the rear capture need to perfectly own your body and keep your balance. In a jump, both legs are folded and bent back. The more bend the legs, the more professional is considered a jump with a seizure. If these actions you succeed, you can make a new part – turn the torso. Several manoeuvres are performed at the same time: jumping from two legs, legs are flexed, the body turns (right or left), the soles are pressed against the hand.

Back and forward flips.

 Jumping stilts


Jumping over your head forward or backward is the most professional trick with the jumping stilts. Even a regular flip is a rather complicated element. Adding to it an unstable landing and a large repulsive force, and it becomes clear why the technique is not used by all extremals. You should not try to perform such a flip if you are not confident in your abilities. In case of an unsuccessful jump, you are waited by a drop from a meter height.

What are the types of jumping stilts?

Surely, you have already seen past a man running on stilts. His movements are like flying in one step. These are jumpers – modern, simple, but so interesting invention. It will allow you to enjoy your time with your friends, give more energy and strength for sports, will strengthen the health and muscles of the body. With a minimum of risk, jumpers maximally affect all muscle groups, as well as improve the human heart and respiratory system.

At the present time, there are different types of jumpers, each of which has differences. Among the new products are third-generation designs, which take into account many of the shortcomings of past models, as well as increased safety. Some manufacturers have launched a line of special models for practising certain types of jumps. From the third generation of jumpers the most popular:

  • Up Wing Standard are models for adults who can withstand high loads and are suitable for walking or jogging,
  • Up Wing Junior – children’s and adolescent designs with an elaborate security system and improved stability,
  • Up Wing Advance – a model for professionals who are engaged in extreme high jumps. Special design enhances the thrust force during jumps.

But, the third generation of Jolie-jumpers is a rather expensive pleasure. Therefore, there are still some types of jumpers from the previous – second generation. Their advantages are ease of operation, durability, as well as moderate cost, which will not be ignored by thrifty buyers.

  • Sky Runner – created for girls or young people who are just learning to take their first steps on jumpers. Perfect for jogging, walking and other physical activities,
  • Jolly Jumper Teenager – teenage models, which are based on materials that improve safety. Parents can not worry about the integrity and safety of their child.
  • Jolly Jumper Adult – the model for adults. A distinctive feature – the ease of construction, as well as strength. With such a device, the easiest way to learn to run and jump on “stilts”.

All of the above types of jumpers are the brands and models of the most well-known manufacturers who have proven themselves to be the current day. Of course, you can purchase any other model. But, since this is a serious design, where much depends on quality, it is best to entrust your choice to proven manufacturing companies. Jumpers are entertainment, leisure and sport – all in one bottle. Therefore, do not even doubt the purchase!

Sports jumping for kids

Did you dream of having supernormal abilities as a child? See through walls, hear other people’s thoughts or even fly? We dreamed passionately – and we are sure that your child would also like to turn into a real superman for a day. Now to give him such a magical day is easy!

Recently, adults and children all over the world can try on real boots-walkers – special stilts, which are used by fans of power boxing or sports jumping. The essence of this bright and unusual sport is to run faster and jump higher, taking incredibly big steps and almost floating in the air. 1.5 hours of exciting impressions will long be remembered by the child. At the lesson, the child will be instructed in safety, learn how to walk, run and jump on jumpers, and even perform several basic tricks. And when the basics are learned, the time will come for real adventures!

To envy a kangaroo is not as cool as imitating it. But sometimes you want to jump as high and far. Fulfil someone’s secret dream – present a certificate for the impression of “Jolie Jumper”. A great gift for those who want to jump up to the moon.

If you dream of a perfect posture, want to get a load on all muscle groups and enjoy incomparable impressions with anything, jolie jumping is just what you and your children need!

As we said earlier, the name Jolly jumping comes from the word “jump” and means the same. Jumps are carried out with the help of curved stilts – jolly jumpers. And, despite the fact that this sport appeared recently, they have already become interested in thrill-seekers and active recreation.

The benefits of bocking can be compared with the benefits of cross-country running because this is an excellent fitness training. Jolly-jumping strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, increases the body’s endurance, allows you to lose weight and gives an infinite number of pleasant emotions and adrenaline. Everyone, both a child and an adult, can learn how to use these devices, and the learning process itself is similar to the first attempts to ride a roller or bicycle. As soon as you learn how to keep balance correctly, a huge world of new opportunities will open up before you!

 Jumping stilts

The benefits of jolly jumping

In addition to positive emotions from the flight and excellent sensations, the biggest plus in this sport is that you can lose weight in a short period of time. Regular walking on jumpers will almost replace your gym and fitness club. After all, Jolly jumpers are a kind of simulators with which all muscle groups work hard.

In addition, this sport, despite its extreme, has a positive effect on the entire human body and on the cardiovascular system in particular.


In any sport without injuries, bruises, sprains and even fractures is difficult to do. That is why you should not ignore the safety rules. Beginners “jumpers” should remember:

  1. At the training stage, one should not walk, jump and run independently without an instructor.
  2. In order for the springs not to get tangled, it is necessary to stretch the legs forward while walking.
  3. In order to rise after the fall, use someone else’s help.
  4. Do not use jumpers on large highways, narrow roads, stairs, or uneven surfaces.
  5. Be sure to wear protective gear.

Interesting facts about the origin

Jolly Jumping first appeared in 1954 in the United States, in the state of California. Two local professional acrobats – Tom Weaver and Bill Gaffney invented strange stilts with springs, which are called Pogo stilts (stilts-grasshoppers). The guys took to the streets of the city and entertained the local onlookers with their tricks. The biggest disadvantage of this invention was that it was not easy for anyone to jump with the help of an interesting device because only a person with acrobatic training could resist such stilts.

In 2004, grasshoppers stilts were patented by the enterprising German Alexander Bock. In honour of him, Pogo stilts became known as the sides, and the type of movement with the help of stilts was called boking. Later, stilts-grasshoppers received another name – jolly jumpers, and the sport – jolly jumping. Because of their bizarre form, jumpers were also called by other names: Poweriser (amplifiers), Power jumpers, Flyjumper (a flying horse, fly), Bouncers (jumpers), Moonjumper (moon jumper), Flyhoppers (jumpers), Dino Legs ( dinosaur legs) etc.

Conclusion: What is it Jolie jumping?

Jolly jumping is a sport that combines entertainment, sports training and active recreation. Movement in this sport takes place with the help of jolly jumpers. The design of these modified stilts is very simple. They consist of:

  • arches or springs (made of fibreglass), which is quite easy to bend and bend under the weight of a person
  • plastic foot, which is attached to the rubber sole, safety straps (knee and shin fastened)
  • aluminium and plastic frame and the lower part of the stilt, which is made of rubber

It should be noted that the quality of safe movement on jumpers depends primarily on the springs. For each athlete or amateur spring must be selected individually, according to the weight category. The size range of springs ranges from 25 to 120 kilograms. In some cases, with a very large weight, jumpers are made to order.

On these peculiar stilts, you can move at a speed of approximately 30-40 kilometres per hour and jump to a height of up to 2 – 3 meters, do various tricks, jumps, coups, etc. It all depends on the level of your physical fitness. Many professional jumpers claim that learning to walk on stilts is no more difficult than riding a bike. However, this is not quite true. To learn to walk on Jolly jumpers, and even more so to perform tricks of different degrees of difficulty, you need only under the supervision of an experienced instructor. In jully jumping, it is better to exclude attempts at independent learning. When practising this sport, it is necessary to use protective devices (wrist pads, helmet, knee pads and elbow pads). If you want to do jolly jumping at a more professional level, then it is advisable to add a protective vest to your basic outfit.

Jolly jumping or boxing, as it is also called, has almost no age limit. Engage in this sport can already, starting with 4-5 years. Therefore, manufacturers of sports simulators-jumpers have released separate series for children and adolescents, as well as for people with different weight categories.
 Jumping stilts

Interestingly, even though this sport is relatively young, it has already gained popularity in many countries. Moreover, not only as amateur entertainment. Official Jolie Jumping competitions are regularly held around the world in several categories:

• sprint 100 meters
• long jump
• High jump
• freestyle
• complex (include all the above categories

Therefore, jolly jumping is:

Joyful impressions from childhood. When we did not go but jumped. Because they were very small. Now you can jump and enjoy jumping consciously.

Extreme impression. Yes Yes. Extremes fell in love with jumping stilts, just as they appeared in our country. And now this love does not destroy.

Sport and outdoor activities. Jolie jumper burns calories with each jump. So, if you want to become smaller, you just need to get this gift and jump.

Entertainment for the company. By the way, it is possible to work with Jolie jumper in the company. Even it is necessary because in the company any gift becomes better.

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