How to eat healthy at work that don’t get fat?

Hello guys! I think that all of us once asked himself: how to keep eating healthy food while at work? However, it’s tough to stick to some regime, but I think it’s possible to eat proper food at work. I mean, sometimes I can eat in the cafeteria. Usually, it’s some sandwich with coffee or tea or another fast food (burger with chicken meat).

I want to be fit and healthy. So, I have been going to the gym for 2 weeks. And now I want to make my food at home and bring it to my working place with me. I need various recipes because I don’t like to eat same shit, different day. It should be selecting good recipes for dishes, which will be easy for transportation. What would be your advice? What do you eat at work? Waiting for your answers!

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Hello Greg! I think that you are right, many of us have the same problem as you.  It’s common for a big amount of people, especially to those, who spends almost all their days in the office or just don’t have enough time to eat something. I know people, who don’t eat at work at all and that’s okay for them, but, as for me, that’s not cool. You harm your health and your organism don’t get enough energy.  I would totally recommend you to make your food at home and bring it with you. Buying food at cafeterias is also a good point, however, when you are making food on your own, you always know all the ingredients.  I have a nice recipe for you to try out! It’s very tasty and easy for transportation.

Dietary cottegecheese рrofiteroles

0% cottage cheese – 150 g
egg – 2 pcs
corn starch – 1 tbsp
nonfat milk powder – 1 tbsp (incomplete, or you can replace it with protein powder)
baking powder – 1 tsp
pink Himalayan salt – 1 g
cheese Philadelphia – 6 tbsp.

Cooking method
Step 1. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
Step 2. Separate the egg whites from the yolks, whip to strong peaks with salt.
Step 3. Blend all ingredients together, except salt and and egg whites.
Step 4. Put egg whites with a spoon to a dough and mix until smooth.
Step 5. Fill the 2/3 of the height of the mold with a dough.
Step 6. Bake for 20 minutes, the oven is not recommended to open, because the profiteroles will fall and will not rise again.
Step 7. After that, you should turn off the oven and continue baking, without opening the lid, for another 7-10 minutes.
Step 8. Then take the cake from the oven, but not from the mold, until it will completely cool down, and after that fill them with the home-made “Philadelphia” cheese.
Step 9. Cream can be any, though sweet – like dietetic jam or dietetic concerned milk or pastry cream, even unsweetened – like my home-made cheese “Philadelphia” – with sweet peppers or dried tomatoes or avocado mousse with basil.
Step 10. Fill the cream like this: bottom pierce with a pastry tube and fill the cake with cream. They are obtained hollow and easily filled with cream. These profiteroles are made extremely quickly. Bon appetit!

Hello Greg!

This is a very interesting question. A lot of the time we spent at work, so it is clear that we need to eat there. Sometimes in the workplace are some cafeterias. But there hardly can be food for those who are losing weight. So, the best option for you is cooking by yourself at home. Just make a meal plane for weak.

If you still don’t have food containers, then try to buy it as soon as possible. This is a very useful thing. In this container, you can take prepared food to work and eat it during the break.

Here I have some recipes for you. It’s easy to cook and transport.
As you know the best things are simple things. So try to combine veggies with meat or fish. For instance, it can be broccoli with salmon and peace or grilled chicken with green beans. What is more, you even can cook beans with rice or chicken breast with sweet potato.

So, you will definitely ask me how to cook all of this meals. It will be much easier if you have multicooker.
But if not, then all grilled ingredients should be taken in the oven. Rice, sweet potato and broccoli should be boiled. The same with beans. Try to use only paper, olive or coconut oil, and salt. Get rid of seasonings.

Hope this will help you with cooking. Stay healthy!

Hello Greg and thank you very much for your question! I guess, it is very important one not only for you, but for all of working people. It really doesn't matter whether you are an office worker, or teacher, or lawyer, or firefighter – everybody, who wants to be healthy, needs good nutrition. So, what can i advice? It is really simple – eat what you want but in clever portions. You know, we all know that vegetables and fruits are very good, the same as meat and fish and water… But all you need is to watch your calories – don't overeat and that's all! You can(!) eat a piece of chocolate, you can eat French fries – just be careful and that's all.

Hello, Greg! Yes, I think this is a problem of many people who work from office. But every problem has a solution. 

First of all, I would like to say that there is nothing bad if you sometimes eat in cafe but do not make it your habit. 

Secondly, I recommend you to write down all the meals you have eaten during the day and count how many calories they have. Doing this, you will control your nutrition and you will not overeat. 

As for recipes, I think you can make a vegetable or fruit salad and eat it at work. This do not take a lot time to cook and it’s really healthy. 

Hope my advice will be useful for you!

Hi Greg. That's a really great idea to care about your healthy diet at work, but you are right that's a bit difficult. I believe the easiest way to do it would be finding some special company that prepare dishes especially for you, so-called individual diet and deliver meals to any location you are at. I've heard that some of them provide you with a small refrigerator with your dishes for the whole day and you don't have to worry that the food will get spoiled. Anyway, it's one of the options and it's a bit costly. Hope you will find a solution suitable for you.

Hi Greg! We all spend a lot of time working, and sometimes you can get pretty hungry, so here's a list of 5 dishes that may help you in your daily struggles.

1. A glass of low-fat kefir, two loaves and any fruit.

Products from whole grains improve digestion, charge with "long energy" and do not harm the figure; kefir provides the body with useful bacteria; daily use of fruits protects against cancer, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and prolongs the feeling of satiety.

2. Low-fat yogurt and two loaves.

Yogurt has the same effect as kefir, only, perhaps, it will be more potent.

3. 40 grams of nuts, a fruit and two loaves.

Virtually all nuts are full of the very unsaturated fats that WHO so strongly recommends. In addition, each variety has it's own unique advantages. For example, hazelnut is considered to be the most dietary, but at the same time it perfectly removes fatigue and hunger. Walnut is full of vitamin C and positively affects the libido; and almonds contain most of all calcium and vitamin E, necessary for good vision and beautiful skin.

4. 50 grams of dried fruits. But don't eat to much of them: dried fruits still have enough sugars, and there are a lot of calories in them. However, in any case, it is better than some kind of chocolate or other sweetness, plus for each variety – again, it's useful qualities.

For example, figs – like prunes – stimulate digestion and normalize the activity of the thyroid gland. In dried apricots there is a lot of potassium, phosphorus and iron – minerals, which are so lacking in the semi-finished office food. Papaya strengthens the immune system and helps not catch any infection, and raisins improve brain function and ability to concentrate.

5. Salad of sweet pepper, apple and cucumber, two loaves.

The benefits of apples are not repeated for the first century – and not for nothing. These fruits are full not only with all sorts of vitamins and trace elements, but also with fiber – and without it the normal functioning of the body is impossible.

In sweet peppers, vitamins A, C and P combine in a unique way. This will help you to keep your eyes healthy (this is especially true for office workers), strengthen your blood vessels and improve your heart.

Hey Greg!

I’d like to support your question! I work in the office for the whole day.  I prefer to take some food with me as well.   We have complimentary biscuits with tea and coffee in our office.

They are very tasty!!!! It’s difficult to avoid some of them within the day.  At the same time I’m afraid of biscuit addiction. I agreed with some my colleagues about healthy snacks only.

So, my favorite healthy snacks for work are a handful of nuts and piece of cheese.  It helps to keep low carbohydrate and the high protein will support you until your next meal.  And of course, this healthy fats in nuts will add an extra dose of needed nutrition to your. I also like Greek Yogurt with blueberries and almonds!

Good working day to everybody! Here is one more recipe how to kill your hunger during the working day.  If  my  hunger is on top level, I’m  sure that 10 almonds or other nuts  isn’t going to cut it. I’ve found the other ways. One of them is my favorite ones.  Usually I take high-quality, low sugar packet of oatmeal. It could be Nature’s Path Hemp Plus.  Then pour it by  some hot water in the cup.  A tablespoon of nut butter can be added.   I like it without any sugar.  Besides, I prefer nut butter in little packets. It’s limit for one meal. This is also my snack for travelling, because the ingredients do not require special storage conditions.

The other snacks to eat at my desk are roasted chickpeas.  They include fiber and potassium and are easy to make at home.  Variety of spices can be added like  cinnamon, cumin etc.  Enjoy your meal!

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