5 recipes of fat burning cabbage soup for weight loss

T​he most active participant of highly effective cabbage diet? Yes, that’s fat burning cabbage soup.

Here’s why:

Taylor Jones explains on healthline.com: this tasty soup is included in the menu of low-calorie diets. Its success and the fantastic effect is due to the main component – cabbage.

It satisfies the hunger, is digested for a long time and is low-calorie.

5 fat burning cabbage soup recipes that work

Prepare the fat-burning soup without salt, as it holds up water and slows down the process of weight loss. If the soup seems untasty – use spices, or a little sea salt.

Special recipe

A special recipe for fat burning cabbage soup let you lose weight and savor really tasty food. Every woman, even those who do not stick to the cabbage soup diet, must know how to cook Cabbage cream soup.

Caloric content of the cabbage soup

What are the main pros and cons of the fat burning cabbage soup diet?

If you feel bad because of this diet – perhaps it is not appropriate for you. In this case look for other diets. For example 7 days kefir diet for weight loss, 3-day spinach diet or top 3 variants of buckwheat diet.

There is a lot of cellulose in raw vegetables and fruits and it like a brush begins to clean and lay off accumulated slags on the walls of the organs.

7-day fat burning diet menu

Katherine Zeratsky reports on mayoclinic.org:

Authorship of fat burning cabbage soup diet is still unknown:

Therefore the purpose of this diet became clear:

A quick and significant weight loss in a short period. Cabbage soup, boiled unripened rice, and vegetables, fruit juice.

Meal plan №2

1, 4 and 7 days of the diet

In these days of a seven-day diet, you can eat only fat burning cabbage soup. Other dishes cannot be used these days.

2 and 5 days of the diet

3 and 6 days of the diet

Magic pills

Each of us has heard at least once in his life (and some have tried) a classic fat burning cabbage soup diet.

But they do not know: how to live these 7 days?

There are innovative tablets that make the diet on cabbage soup wonderfully light and effective.

And the problem is solved. Such dietary pills of cabbage extract are the same diet on fat burning cabbage soup, but in a more comfortable form. Are you ready to try them?

What makes tablets so effective?

These pills are the result of the application of the use of technology adapted to reduce weight. Nowadays, these great new pills are used by a big amount of people because their effect is really surprising.

Experts opinion

French Cosmetics expert said:

Interesting facts

Black bread – 5 – p.
Apple – 1-2 pieces.
Boiled Egg – 1 piece.
Dietary cheese (low fat) – 3 g.

History of the diet

Today there is no consensus on the methodology and personality of the person who developed the fat burning cabbage soup diet.

According to the American Dietetic Association:

The diet on cabbage soup appeared in the ’50s of the last century, but according to another version, it happened much earlier. The recipe for something called Cabbage Soup actually exists, and its appearance dates back to the First World War!

After huge popularity in the ’50s of the fat burning cabbage soup diet, it was forgotten for some time. However, soon – in the early 80’s – it was revived. People made photocopies and handed the recipe from hand to hand, and after the 90s, there were faxes and the Internet. This diet became one of the most popular methods of weight loss.

People reviews

Why fat burning cabbage soup is useful?

Any vegetable can be used with an aim to lose weight due to its low-calorie content and glycemic index (excluding potatoes and boiled beet condition with carrots). However, the cabbage diet and the separate use of soup on this product have become popular due to the peculiarities of green vegetables:

There are many varieties of cabbage and each one is useful in its own way. Besides, it contains so many vitamins, which should be the main product of our diet. In addition, among all vegetables, cabbage is one of the most low-calorie foods.

For example:

Varieties of cabbage and their benefit

Savoy cabbage is a source of protein, so mainly it needs to be consumed by children because they grow up and need a lot of protein. Another useful property of Savoy cabbage is that it helps fight insomnia and colds because it contains more vitamin C than lemon and other citrus fruits.

Therefore, thanks to Vitamin C, it strengthens the nervous and immune systems. Also, it contains a high amount of fiber. Savoy cabbage improves digestion. Therefore, those who stick to the diet must eat the Savoy Cabbage in different forms.

Red cabbage is rich in proteins, fiber, iron, selenium, sugar, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C (twice as much as white cabbage), vitamin A, B vitamins, carotene. Besides, the phytoncides that are contained in the red cabbage do not allow the development of a tuberculosis bacillus.

Also, an element that gives the cabbage a red-violet color – anthocyanin – increases the elasticity of capillaries, helps in the fight against cancer cells. Moreover, hypertenics are recommended to eat red cabbage because it reduces blood pressure.

White cabbage – rich in fiber, vitamins B and C, phosphorus, glucose, phytoncides, potassium. It raises the acidic environment of gastric juices, controls the metabolism of fats in the body. Also, sour white cabbage can overcome dysbiosis.

This cabbage will become the main helper in the fight against tuberculosis and staphylococcus. Moreover, the use of white cabbage in raw form is also very useful for the skin, especially in adolescence.

Kohlrabi – helps with disorders of the digestive system, improve metabolism. Kohlrabi is the leader in the capacity of calcium, rich in glucose and fructose. Also, this type of cabbage helps to fight cancer cells and various types of infections. Moreover, frequent use of this type of cabbage can reduce blood pressure and relieve the body of excess cholesterol.

Cauliflower – has a positive effect on the nervous system because it contains vitamin B. Also it has a lot of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, pectin, contains malic acid and citric acid. Besides, cauliflower is a universal pill because it helps with diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, muscular systems, as well as restores and improves metabolic processes. Another useful property of cauliflower is the ability to treat long wounds.

Napa cabbage – contains vitamin C and folic acid. Very well digested. Besides, it is recommended to use it for people who suffer from diabetes because it is low-calorie and can lower the level of sugar in the blood. Also, napa cabbage can be used from insomnia and its juice – from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, napa cabbage is able to calm headaches.

Brussels sprouts – contains vitamins B, C, PP, potassium, sodium, iron, iodine, folic acid, carotene, and vegetable protein. Brussels sprouts are useful for those with a weak immune system, problems with digestion while dieting (in a boiled form, feeding the stomach well). In addition to this it is able to strengthen the muscular system and the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure. Thanks to its low-calorie content, it helps to reduce weight, a very popular product in the field of nutrition.

For the reason that cabbage, in general, contains a lot of dietary fiber, it helps to release the body from slags. Cellulose – is one of the important conditions for the existence of healthy intestinal microflora. These microorganisms are necessary for strong immunity, vitamins, hormones, and amino acids.

Peculiarities of the fat burning diet

Furthermore, sticking to this effective weight loss diet you must completely exclude all sweets, alcoholic and carbonated drinks from your menu. Also, you can drink green tea without sugar and a big amount of water.

The person must think many times whether he is ready for such hard and short-term diet or not.

Eating fat burning cabbage soup for weight loss during the prescribed period, of course, let you lose excess weight. However, you cannot all the time stick to this diet, because it does not contain the necessary number of calories for normal functioning of your body. Even more, there is no guarantee that the new weight will be the same when you return to a normal diet.

How to get out of the diet right?

It is important and complicated to follow a fat burning cabbage soup diet, and it is necessary to get out of it properly. Also, this should happen rationally. Therefore, the best diets are therapeutic diets that do not harm the body.

Here’s the deal:

To not gain weight after the fat burning cabbage soup diet, it is very important not to eat while watching TV or reading. Try to eat slowly, fully tune in to the process of eating. Only in this case, you will be able to feel saturated, without abusing excessive amounts of foods.


The fat burning cabbage soup diet is considered one of the most simple and effective seven-day diets.

Moreover, low cost and all-season availability of products that are included in the diet and a good result for weight loss in a short time make this diet incredibly popular. Despite the monotonous menu, keeping the mode is easy: all you need to lose weight is a bit of willpower and following a few simple rules.

Therefore, due to the diet on a fat burning cabbage soup, you can lose weight by an average of 5 kg.

Conclusion: what are the main contradictions of the diet?

Weight loss on the fat burning cabbage soup is contraindicated for people with:

For whom is this diet more suitable?

The fat burning cabbage soup diet is effective for two specific categories of women.

So, in case you correctly follow all the principles of the fat burning cabbage soup diet, it perfectly cleanses the internal organs and speeds up the metabolism. The use of this vegetable soup has quite a positive effect on skin, hair, and nails.

Following the principles of proper nutrition after 7-day cabbage menu, you won’t gain weight again.

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