How to cook healthy food? What ingredients should it contain?


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Hello everyone, my name is Leo and I’m 22 years old. I have been always interested in sport, but I have never paid attention to my nutrition. Now I want to change my attitude towards my nutrition because I understand that I will never see really good results until I start eating well. So, could you help me, please? How to cook healthy food? What food is considered to be healthy? How to cook healthy food? These questions may sound strange but I really know nothing about healthy diet, I used to eat fast food, sweets and so on. I hope you will help me, guys. I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks.


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    Hello there Leo!
    My friend literally had the exact same problem recently.I know that he had been constantly eating only fried food and a ridiculous amount of various chocolate sweets. Obviously, it went downhill. When he consulted with his doctor, the last one said he was ”one step from becoming a diabetic and getting serious heart diseases”…SO my friend decided to completely change both his lifestyle and daily diet. It was pretty hard at fist, but he eventually managed to reach the dreamed goal-121 lbs lost.

    Anywas, what I wanted to tell you is, that you should definitely reconsider your main priorities in life as soon as possible: are we eating to live or are we living to eat? Of course I am not telling you to restrict yourself from various food consumption, just try to limit your portion size and choose only healthy products to include in your daily meal plan…

    Firstly, as I have noticed, you are already into doing sport. That’s actually a pretty good start. And I think your motivation would play a great role as well. Stick to doing different exercises and you will soon see some awesome and inspiring results.

    Futhermore, choose more green vegetables and try to decrease the amount of macaroni, white rice and bread intake.Forget about every possible/available sweets and any sugar products in general. Discover the diverse world of spices and healthy flavours (it would be better to limit yourself in salt addition as well). Replace the sunflower oil with either the coconut or the oil ones.

    Try to go vegan at least twice a week. Watch some documentaries about fast food or sweets and how they affect your life? I know one called ”Sugar”, which has, honestly, changed my view of the mentioned above products.

    Create. Like bake something, boil your fish or meat, add something unusual and what you have never prepared before. The key rule would be to eat only what you made by yourself. It helps a lot, believe it or not (see the rhyme thing? it is a sign).

    Last but not least, find and see the dietologist. They will definitely describe you every little detail about leading the healthy lifestyle. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do not do any strict diets. Just eat fruits and vegetables, boil and not fry your food, drink a lot of water and so on…

    I really hope all of that will help you. Looking forward to hear again from you! Stay healthy and fit!

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