5 Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

I​n the XXI century, the problem with overweight is really urgent. Those who respect themselves and want to live an active life, carefully monitor their eating habits.

Kathleen M. Zelman states on webmd.com:

Actually, it is not so difficult to lose weight when you know how your body works.

Just follow the top 10 best ways to lose weight from our experts. And you will achieve visible results in a short period of time.

Actually, the main thing is your motivation. You need a strong enough motivation to succeed in losing extra pounds.  In fact, many people give up and leave their goal halfway. That is why estimate your physical abilities objectively.

Do you passionately want to essentially change your body? If yes, then go ahead!

5 best ways to lose weight

First of all, let’s figure out the main nutrition rules during weight loss.

STEP 1: Cleansing the intestines before losing weight

Cleansing your body is an essential stage while preparing to the proper nutrition regime.

Actually, cleansing is a real upload at the cellular level. All systems begin to work more efficiently. A person is full of energy and strength. In fact, getting rid of harmful substances that are not normally removed from the tissues is very important.

After that, you will feel a rush of power and energy. Besides, get rid of edemas and extra pounds. So it is already the best way to lose weight.

How to do the cleansing properly?

Gavin Van De Walle explains on healthline.com:

A week before the starting your diet, decide on a light menu. This means no sweets, fast food, and bakery products. Let’s look at the main points of body cleansing more detailed.

Using other useful ways of cleansing is also possible. You can consume the following products to cleanse the intensities.

Finally, get rid of excess water. To do this, take such drinks.

STEP 2: Protein-carbohydrate rotation

This way to lose weight is often used by athletes and bodybuilders.

As drying muscles and high physical load lead to amazing results. No fat on the body. Relief muscles and toned, sporty figure. For people who want to lose weight, this combination is also very effective.

Protein days

While protein-carbohydrate rotation, doing sports is necessary. Giving protein to the muscles makes them more elastic. Of course, this does not happen in a single approach. But in a month, at least.

Carbohydrate days

There are also mixed days. In other words, preparing the body for a new series of protein nutrition. On this day, the rate of both proteins and carbohydrates can be calculated on the basis of an odd coefficient of 2-3 (g/kg of weight).

4 days menu of protein-carbohydrate rotation

Just want to emphasize that the cycle of protein-carbohydrate rotation can be used in different ways. For example, protein days -2, carbohydrate – 2, mixed – also 2. It is the best way to lose weight.

Now everything is simple. We use this cycle for the whole month, intensively go in for sports and get a stunning result!

STEP 3: Smoothie revolution

Liquid food is a perfect diet for the time of weight loss:

For beginners who have never tried a liquid diet, our experts recommend switching to a smoothie-diet gradually. Replace breakfast and dinner with cocktails. Leave lunch and snacks “solid”. Weight loss will not be so rapid, but it will be much easier for you.

Actually, there are lots of smoothie recipes for weight loss to any taste.

We share useful tips to make sure your cocktail is not only useful but also the most delicious.

The right blender

It is considered that it is better to use a stationary blender for making a smoothie. Rather than an immersion blender. This way you will achieve a more smooth texture of the finished drink.

On the other hand, an immersion blender copes better with the dry ingredients. Such as nuts or dried fruits.

Bananas are the best ingredient.

It is better not to make the smoothie too liquid. Give it a pleasant soft creamy consistency, using natural thickeners. Any fruit with pulp, such as apricots or peaches, is suitable for this role. But it is best to use bananas.

At any time of the year, you are more likely to buy tasty bananas. Than tasty peaches, which are found seldom on the shelves. And if you do, they turn out often tasteless and dry.

No sugar

As smoothies are regarded the best way to lose weight, do not put sugar in it. If you are making a fruit-based smoothie, you will already have a lot of fructose in your mix. And it is high enough in calories to add more.

Avoiding sugar is the best way to lose weight.

Most often you don’t need to add any sweeteners. But if you want to make a real dessert, add a little maple syrup or honey to your drink. If your smoothie is too sweet, add lime or lemon juice. This will not only solve the problem but also give it a pleasant sourness.

Milk base

A good smoothie will never be restricted by milk. It contains calcium, protein, and vitamins of group B. Choose the milk that you personally prefer. It can be the cow, almond, coconut, and nut one. The latter, by the way, would be best combined with fruits and greens cocktails.

Are you not a milk fan?

Smoothies can also be prepared with kefir, natural or Greek yogurt and light curd. It all depends on how rich cocktail you want to get. Do not forget to follow the proportions. It varies depending on the particular recipe.

Pleasant additions

The best way to make a smoothie nutritious is to add foods that contain protein and healthy fats. For example, ground nuts (the most popular cocktails are almonds and walnuts). Besides, you can use seeds, bran, oatmeal, chia seeds or flax.

Is it hard for you to wake up in the morning?

Try to make smoothies for breakfast on the basis of cold coffee. Choose combinations to your taste. And get your portion of energy for the whole day.

Everything is good in balance

Even if you perfectly select the components. According to the rules of a perfect smoothie, there should not be more than three or four ingredients. Remember that everything is good in moderation. Do not add too much ice to your mix. So that it does not turn out too liquid.

Do not pour all the milk into the blender at once. Add it a little and see the resulting texture. You should not add only sweet fruits to the cocktail. Keep balance and experiment. This way you will find your perfect recipe for sure.

Here we share some simple fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes. Be able to please yourself with your favorite cocktail every day. It is the best way to lose weight fast.

STEP 4: Use the fitness tracker

Nowadays many devices have been invented for fitness and health. Some of them are really useful for weight loss. Let’s consider the most popular mobile device – fitness tracker.

Such a mobile bracelet monitors our health state. Besides, it makes really interesting calculations on our workouts. In such a way is the best way to lose weight.

Let’s consider the main benefits of this device.

You should also know that almost all fitness trackers offer to add your own parameters. At least this is weight, height, and age. We advise you to fill this information.

As the bracelet forms many tasks, using that. In fact, fitness tracker is a great helper for people who monitor their health and are actively involved in sports. It’s the best way to lose weight.

See also how to choose the best fitness tracker in 2018?

So using it while weight loss is highly recommended. It is the best way to lose weight, as it prevents the disruption. But nevertheless, we recommend first of all to pay attention to your feelings. They are the best indicator. And then practice the smart technology.

STEP 5: Drink enough water

Why do we need to drink lots of water?

In order to lose weight and at the same time remain beautiful and fresh. Drinking enough water, we will preserve healthy and elastic skin, beautiful thick hair and strong nails. As in the process of losing weight, hair, skin, and nails often suffer.

Remember to drink enough water during the whole body. And losing extra pounds will not harm your organism. Actually, it is the best way to lose weight. And really simple!

Here we share top 3 secrets of water consumption for weight loss.

The thermogenic effect of water.

Drink two glasses of water at room temperature on an empty stomach. And you will lose 24 calories without making special efforts. The body spends these calories to absorb water.

And if you continue to use this advice during all life, you will not only be healthier but also help yourself to lose weight.

A glass of water quenches a false feeling of hunger.

Sometimes after a nutritious meal, you want to eat something sweet. So this is 100% false hunger. The body just sends a signal of thirst. And the brain recognizes it as a signal of hunger. And instead of drinking water, you eat.

Water with magnesium

Magnesium is an element that is involved in active energy-consuming processes. Such as muscles, heart, central nervous system. Besides, in the transmission of nerve impulses.

To conclude, follow our experts’ pieces of advice step by step, and you will not only lose weight. But also become much healthier, controlling your nutrition and fitness habits. Good luck!

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