7 Healthy Butter Substitutes in Baking

Do you know that natural butter is a product made of cow milk? It consists of about 80% fat. Considering its high-fat content, lots of people are searching for the variants replacing it.

Jenna Fletcher reports on medicalnewstoday.com:

In fact, most of us love bakery products (cakes, pies, cookies) and cannot imagine his life without them. A healthy substitute for butter is a perfect alternative when baking low-calorie dishes. Actually, there are many substitutes. Let’s view more about them!

Healthy substitutes for butter

Many vegetable oils possess amazing useful properties. Moreover, each of them has its own peculiar features, that other oils do not possess. That is why it is recommended to add some kinds of oils to your ration.


Recently this product has acquired a bad reputation. The problem may be connected with the fact that people overdid with its usage. However, in reasonable quantities, this substitute is a healthy choice.

Anyway, dishes with its addition turn out really delicious:

Cooking cupcakes and toasts with it are widespread nowadays. Coconut oil will perfectly go in almost any homemade recipe. This substitute will add a pleasant sweetness and a delicious coconut flavoring to most dishes.


Shea butter benefits much more than just help to heal the skin. This product is edible, filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E.

Shea butter is on the list of ingredients for some chocolate sweets. Its small amount can be used in almost everything. Mind, that you should better purchase the substitute only in raw form, in small quantities. The oil quickly becomes rancid.


Another alternative that is considered healthy fat. It is used to make chocolate, has a high content of antioxidants and is a source of polyphenols. According to one study, polyphenols can actually help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Other benefits include improved immunity and reduced infection in the body. However, always make sure there are no additives. Try using it in baking instead of regular substitute of butter.


The avocado puree is one of the most delicious healthy fats. Toasts with it have become extremely popular. Making mashed avocado, you get a great spread. It is perfectly combined with eggs and adds an amazing taste to your smoothie.

Avocados have many nutritional benefits. This exotic fruit is filled with fiber and phytonutrients. Studies have shown that avocados can help reduce the growth of cancer cells and infection.


Natural olive oil is a great way to add a slight taste to different dishes. Besides, it has many additional benefits. Olive oil reduces infection, the risk of heart disease and depression.

Not all olive oil is created in the same way:

There are many fake ones, so make sure it is natural. Actually, this product cannot be cheap. Look for the stamp of the international council, check the date of harvest on the label. Oils packed in dark bottles are the best.


Applesauce is perfect for baking. Besides, it adds some flavor to your oatmeal pudding. Thanks to him, you get fiber and vitamin C. Applesauce is an excellent sweet with a small number of calories.

However, there is still some sugar in it. Read the label to know how much sauce to use. You can mix it with peanut butter to make a really delicious, healthy mixture.


There are many variants – almond, cashew, peanut. They are perfectly combined with bananas, toast, vegetable saute, also are extremely useful. Almond, for example, contains vitamin E, iron and magnesium.

The key point of using is quantity:

Two tablespoons is a serving containing about 180 calories. However, you need to read labels, because many add lots of sugar. A way out of this situation is the grinding of nuts on your own. Or buy a product containing only nuts.

Conclusion: Useful properties of coconut oil for your body

Nowadays coconut oil has become quite popular in many spheres, not only nutrition. This oil of tropical origin has a unique chemical composition. Actually, it is extracted from the edible pulp of coconut.

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