A smoothie is a drink of thick consistency. The recipes may be different. They are made very quickly – by mixing the berries, vegetables, and fruits with milk, kefir, yogurt and juice for weight loss. This dish is not the new thing, but unusual is only its name: after all, with the mixers, everyone made a delicious drink from the available products. The main “thing” of this cocktail – is to carefully beat up the ingredients and make it as healthy as possible.

Kefir beverages for weight loss are perfect low-calorie cocktails. An easy recipe of drink that is ready in minutes is a healthy start to the day. You won’t feel hungry all the way until lunchtime.  These bright and creamy drinks filled with probiotics are very sturdy and nutritious.

Notions about this probiotic drink

It is a probiotic drink that you can make by adding starter or tibicos (Japanese water crystals, California bees) to milk. Kefir is absorbed by the body three times faster than milk and also stimulates digestion so that other food begins to digest faster. Proteins are not always easily digested, but the proteins that are contained in this beverage, do not cause any difficulties, and in general – as part of kefir there are many beneficial things for our health.

In addition to milk protein, this drink contains carbohydrates and fats, organic and fatty acids, good cholesterol and natural sugars; vitamins – A, PP, beta-carotene, C, H, 8 vitamins of group B; mineral substances – calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, chromium, fluorine, molybdenum, cobalt.

The formula of the product is remarkable, but the content of healthy nutrients in the fatty product prepared by industrial methods is several times less than, for example, in one that is prepared using Tibetan milk starter. This type is also assimilated several times better – unfortunately, this product is not available for us, and it remains to learn how to choose the best in the store and know how to use it.


What does it taste like?
AThis beverage has a smooth consistency and tastes like sour milk with a bit of tang. The taste is actually quite pleasant, we recommend that you try it. If you’re not sure whether or not to start making it at home before knowing what it tastes like – no problem, check out the dairy section at your local supermarket. 
Does it contain alcohol?
AThe process of fermentation is a specific one. Because of it, there is a slight presence of some naturally-occurring alcohol. You won’t be able to taste it and there’s not enough of it to bring any damage whatsoever to your health. So you can experiment with making drinks with it while on a diet and while working out.
Is there a difference between starter and grains?
AThere are three basic differences between the two: The grains contain more probiotics. The powdered starter culture has less, which makes the grains more beneficial for the health. If you take good care of the grains (like wash them thoroughly after use and keeping them in a favorable environment) they can be used multiple times. The starter culture can also be used more than once, but the number of times is less because they stop culturing with time. The starter culture is cheaper in price; however, there’s the issue that you won’t be able to use it as many times as you could use grains.
Do the milk kefir grains have a shelf life? How long are they good for?
A If you take good care of them, they do not have an expiration date. So if you buy a pack of grains once – you might never need to buy them again.
It's easier to buy this drink. Why make it at home?
A Homemade milk kefir preserves a larger number of probiotics than the one you buy at the store. Besides, it’s cheaper to invest in a package of grains than constantly buy the ready product. And can one really trust a manufacturer?
Can I drink it if I'm lactose intolerant?
ANo, since one of the ingredients, is milk. The fermentation process does not destroy milk’s properties. Try an alternative – water kefir. It’s dairy-free and suitable for lactose intolerant people, people with allergies, vegetarians, and vegans.
Does it contain gluten?
ANo, this probiotic beverage is absolutely gluten-free and safe for those with gluten intolerance and Celiac’s disease. 
How will I know that the grains are active?
AThe milk begins to thicken to the consistency similar to buttermilk. The smell will start to change as well. Besides, you can’t lose if you placed it in a dark warm environment. Be sure to keep it away from cold and sunlight as it slows down the whole process of fermentation (which ideally lasts up to 24 hours). 
What is the correct proportion of liquid to grains?
AThere is no standard ratio, but the recommended amount is 1-2 teaspoons per 4 cups. You can alter the ration depending on your taste preferences, but try to stick to this recipe if you’re doing it for the first time. 
Can I use powdered milk?
AThis is not something everybody does but were a few successful attempts. However, using the real thing is preferred.
Do I use pasteurized milk or fresh organic?
AThe pasteurized stuff does not feed the grains because it’s too clean. Try using organic instead.
How long can the end product be stored?
AIt’s best to store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks, otherwise, it will go bad in 2 days if you keep it at room temperature. 
Can I freeze my kefir?
AYes. You can freeze it up to 2 months at 0° to 25°F. 

Water Kefir vs Milk Kefir

Do not confuse these two products. They are both probiotic drinks but have their differences. Their names speak for themselves. Our titular product is dairy-free. You can flavor it in many different ways by adding fresh or dried fruits. When it comes to the one made with milk – it has a frothy consistency and tastes entirely different. One can use cow’s, goat’s, even milk that doesn’t contain dairy like almond and coconut (therefore also suitable for vegans).

Yet they both have something in common – they are both made with special grains. This is a mixture of different types of microorganisms that are held together, producing something similar to a gel. Grains look like small cauliflower blossoms or boiled rice.

The process of the one made with milk goes as follows: take the grains, pour milk over them and keep at a temperature of 20 degrees for a day. Milk becomes thicker, bubbles of carbon dioxide form, a characteristic smell of fermented milk products appears. The resulting leaven is drained, mixed with fresh milk and left to sit again at 20 degrees.

Then the grains are washed and used again. If you keep them out in the open air or wash them with an insufficient amount of clean water, they can mold out and you will have to throw them away. Some sources say that you can even freeze them to be able to use them again later.

Details about the grains

These grains are known as tibicos, California bees, water kefir crystals, Japanese water crystals, sugar kefir grains. They contain:

  • lactic acid bacteria form lactic acid, partially destroy, hydrolyze, milk protein and form lactic acid.
  • yeast is responsible for the formation of alcohol.
  • acetic acid bacteria produce acetic acid, although it is an optional component, it is not in all grains.

Yeast and bacteria in the grains are mutually beneficial to each other. So, lactic acid bacteria need vitamins and amino acids for growth. They cannot synthesize on their own, but yeast produces B vitamins. Yeast, in its turn, is not able to ferment milk sugar (lactose), but under the action of a special enzyme of lactic acid bacteria, this sugar breaks down into simple sugars, of which yeast makes ethyl alcohol.

Yeast is resistant to both the active acidity of the medium and the high content of lactic acid in it. A significant number of lactic acid bacteria is highly resistant to the yeast fermentation product – ethyl alcohol. The bactericidal effect of alcohol on living microorganisms, as a rule, increases with increasing acidity of the medium.

Together, yeast and lactic acid bacteria produce alcohol and lactic acid, which prevent foreign microorganisms from forming. So, in some grains, there is mold in the form of spores. These spores do not develop, as they are suppressed by the waste products of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. But in kefir, the mold is sometimes identified as full-fledged members of the drink’s microbiota. Good or bad, hard to say. They do not form mold as we imagine it, and it is possible that the enzymes secreted by them contribute to the breakdown of sugars and proteins.

Make your own kefir at home

You can make the base of your smoothie right at home depending on your preferences (whether you’re vegan or not, whether you find one tastier than the other).

Home-made milk kefir
  • 1 cup of whole fat milk
  • 1 teaspoon of active kefir grains
  1. Put the milk and grains into a jar.

  2. Use a cheesecloth to cover the jar and make sure it's secured with something and stays in place (rubber band, the rim of a mason jar lid). 

  3. Let the mixture ferment for up to 48 hours tops at room temperature. Keep it hidden from sunlight. You'll know it's ready when it becomes thick and the taste is a bit sour. Note that it's beneficial for the milk to ferment at warm temperature (not hot and not too warm). 

  4. When you think it's ready, you can go ahead and strain. You can wash the grains thoroughly and re-use.

  5. You can keep the ready product in the refrigerator up to 7 days.

Carbonated Fruit Water Kefir
  • hydrated water kefir grains
  • ¼ cup sugar per quart of water. Do not use honey.
  • clean drinking water
  1. Heat some water and dissolve the sugar in it.  

  2. Cool the water-sugar mixture up to room temperature. 

  3. Add the hydrated grains.

  4. Cover the jar with a paper towel or a cheesecloth, secure with something so that the cover won't fall off.

  5. Let sit (preferably at 70-75°F) for 24-48 hours.

  6. When ready, strain the grains through a colander and pour the liquid into another jar.

  7. You can use the grains again, just make sure they are washed thoroughly.

  8. To make the water kefir carbonated, pour a couple ounces of fruit juice such as grape, pomegranate, apple, or cherry into the water kefir you just strained. 

  9. Once you've added the juice, cover the jars tightly with an airtight lid and leave for additional 1-3 days.

What are the benefits of probiotics


Kefir is an excellent probiotic, it can be used to restore the microflora in the intestine after taking various medications during treatment. Now, even with a cold, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics, so this drink in such situations would be very appropriate.

Probiotics (translated from Greek “for life”) are living microorganisms, in most cases bacteria that are normally found in the human gastrointestinal tract. For medical purposes, they are taken in the form of drugs or dietary supplements. The beneficial effect of probiotics has been known since the beginning of the 20th century when I.I. Mechnikov created sour milk with live acidophilic bacteria.

The intestines are colonized by millions of microorganisms that are actively involved in the digestive process. Microorganisms are divided into two groups – beneficial bacteria and pathogens. The dominant populations are lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, Bacteroides, which play a major role. They synthesize many amino acids, group B vitamins, nicotinic and folic acids.

Lactobacilli are involved in the breakdown of milk proteins and lactose. Intestinal microorganisms stimulate the release of immunoglobulin A, which is a component of the immune system and has antiviral activity. Normal healthy microflora protects against the occurrence of such a terrible pathology, like bowel cancer. If the level of healthy bacteria is reduced, then pathogenic bacteria, which are much more viable than the good ones, begin to feel at ease in the intestine. This condition is called dysbiosis. The role of the normal intestinal flora in our body is great, and this is the purpose of the action of probiotics. And the main task of a person who cares about his health is the preservation of normal flora in the intestine.

Why do we need probiotics:

  • primarily for the correction of normal flora with dysbiosis and intestinal dysbiosis;
  • to protect and restore microflora during and after antibacterial, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, in complex therapy of intestinal infections;
  • in gastroenterology in the complex treatment of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer, and duodenal ulcer).

In pediatrics, probiotics are necessary for the formation of microflora in children’s’ bodies during their first year of life. For women during pregnancy – to restore the vaginal flora, to improve the work of the intestine, to prevent inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system. In allergology, in the complex therapy of immunodeficiencies, to increase the body’s resistance to respiratory infections.

Probiotics have been proven to stimulate the immune system, regardless of what caused the immune deficiency. Moreover, probiotics are able to normalize different levels of the immune system.

Cocktail recipes using kefir

There is nothing more natural than making the kefir drinks for weight loss.

Frothy Fruit
  • 400 ml low-fat calories kefir
  • fruit or berries
  • nuts, honey
  1. After whipping it with a blender for 10-15 seconds, other ingredients can be added to the beverage on taste, for example, nuts, honey.

The easiest way to make a frothy cocktail with kefir is to add a banana. Because of the increased calorie content of this fruit, it is better to drink it as a full snack (for example, for breakfast or an afternoon snack).

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Banana Boom
  • 400 ml kefir
  • 1/2 banana
  1. If you want to, you can add ice, making it cool and refreshing.

  2. If the drink is prepared for breakfast, you can pour a handful of oatmeal or muesli into it.

Not all of them might be flavorful, but they are healthy and nutritious weight loss drinks based on kefir and vegetables.

Celery Shake
  • 1 glass sliced celery
  • 300 ml kefir
  1. Blend the ingredients with a blender until a puree is obtained.

  2. You can pre-blend the celery before the gruel, and then combine it with kefir.
  3. If the drink seems unsuitable for consumption, it is not forbidden to add a little honey or fruit syrup to it.

Your perfect shake: 7 tips for making the ideal drink

One may think that making a cocktail is very simple. But even such a simple in preparation drink have its rules, forgetting about which, it is possible to get at all, not the result that you were waiting for.
What should be considered, that your drink has been made not only useful but also the most delicious? We share helpful tips.

  1. The right blender
    It is believed that it is better to use a non-submersible, but stationary mixer to prepare the beverage: this way you will achieve a more homogeneous texture of the finished drink. On the other hand, a submersible blender with a special nozzle is better in grinding dry ingredients, such as nuts or dried fruit.
    Despite these subtleties, the main criteria when choosing a blender should remain its power, and here the “more – better” principle works, especially if you prefer to add a lot of ice in a cocktail. And of course, do not forget that as any household appliance in the kitchen, the blender requires special care: disassemble it before washing, to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on various parts of the device.
  2. Bananas are the best ingredient
    For the beverage to not go too liquid and have a pleasantly soft, creamy consistency, use natural thickeners.  Any fruit with flesh, such as apricots or peaches, will be suitable for this, but it is best to use bananas: at any time of year you are much more likely to buy delicious bananas than delicious peaches that are much less common on shelves, and if they meet, they are often tasteless and dry. Remember that any immature or delightful fruit will add to your stomach neither vitamins nor sweeteners. Also, bananas – the perfect natural sweetener, moreover, is very nutritious. 
  3. No sugar
    The banana will sweeten it up a little bit without having to add sugar. And what should one do if one cannot stand this fruit? First, give up sugar: if you make a fruit-based cocktail, your mixture will already have a shock dose of fructose, and so it is enough to add more sucrose.
    Often you do not need to add any sweeteners, but if you want to make this a dessert, add a little maple syrup or honey to the drink. If you overdo it with the sweetener, add some lime juice or lemon: it will not only solve the problem but will add a pleasant, rich sourness.
  4. Milk base
    Adding milk is always a good idea – it contains calcium, protein, and vitamins of the group B. Choose the milk that you like most: cow, almond, coconut, nut.
    The last, by the way, will best be combined with fruit and greens. Not a milk fan? Prepare a drink with kefir, natural or Greek yogurts, and light cheese: it all depends on how rich a cocktail you want to get. Just do not forget to stick to the proportions, varying depending on a particular recipe. 
  5. Nice little things
    The best way to make a nutritious drink- add the products that contain protein and beneficial fats: ground nuts (the most popular are almonds and walnuts), seeds, bran, oatmeal, chia seeds or flax. Can’t wake up in the morning? Try to prepare a breakfast smoothie with cold coffee. Choose combinations that suit you and get your energy supply all day long.
  6. For completeness of the picture
    You can use various herbs and condiments: they will add taste, aroma, and texture. For fans of mint, it’s a merry pairing with grapefruit or pineapple.
    Chocolate and coffee cocktails will flourish with new colors if you add a mint root. Exciting and original combination – banana with basil: the banana makes the drink sweet and juicy, and the basil is unusually refreshing and does not allow it to become too sweet.
    Try to make one with celery: it is a healthy fat burning supplement, rich in vitamins, will make an ideal pairing with carrots or apples. Melamine cinnamon perfectly complements a mix of bananas and berries or bananas and pumpkin, and if you want to make something unusual, try to make a coffee-banana cocktail with this seasoning.
  7. Everything is fine
    Even correctly selecting the components (which, by the way, according to the rules of the perfect smoothie, should not be more than three or four), remember that there should not be too much: do not add too much ice into your mix, so it does not turn out too thin.
    Do not pour all the milk into the blender immediately, add it gradually and follow the resulting consistency. It is not necessary to add sweet or too thick fruit, keep the balance and experiment: you will surely find your perfect recipe and be able to delight yourself in your favorite beverage at least every day.

5 recipes for effective body cleansing

By purifying the body, the digestive system works, the hair and skin become more beautiful. You are guaranteed a good mood and a big sleep. At the same time, it is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet to cleanse the body. It is enough to include in your diet several multivitamin products that have a cleansing effect.

If you want to be healthy, you will have to remove toxins that accumulate in the body due to poor nutrition, environmental pollution or sedentary lifestyles. The easiest way is to combine them in one refreshing drink: a smoothie.

We have prepared for you several recipes of tasty and healthy recipes, which will help cleanse the body and improve your well-being.

Spinach + banana + lemon
Recipe Notes

A small portion of spinach is enough to saturate the body with many vitamins and useful micronutrients. Take 350 ml of water, add 3 bananas, a generous bunch of leaves of spinach, juice of half a lemon or lime and grind well in a blender.


Bilberry + Banana + Lemon + Celery
Recipe Notes

Bilberry is a delicious and useful berry. It strengthens immunity and improves vision. Mix in a blender 2 bananas, 3 tablespoons blueberries, juice 1/3 lemon, 2-3 stems of celery, a glass of water.


Celery + Spinach + Lime + Banana
Recipe Notes

Celery - not only has the ability to burn excess calories, but it is also rich in vitamins and nutrients. Let's prepare a green cocktail: in a blender, we grind 2 stems of celery, a glass of leaves of spinach, a glass of water, a half of lime juice, 1 banana. The multivitamin drink is already in your hands!


Spinach + banana + apple + lemon
Recipe Notes

Very interesting and useful combination - banana and spinach. Bananas perfectly improve the mood, remove fatigue syndrome and energize. Mix 1 cup of fresh leaves of spinach, 2 bananas, 1 apple, 1 cup of water, juice of half a lemon and shake it in a blender.


Cucumber + lettuce + lemon + honey
Recipe Notes

Such a simple cocktail will also please your taste buds. The cucumber has the ability to remove slags from the body, and lettuce leaves are a source of vitamin E. Preparation of the strip is very simple and fast: slice into a blender a sheet of lettuce, 1 medium cucumber, pre-peeled, half a lemon juice, 1 glass of water, a spoon of honey.

In addition to a healthy diet and physical activity, these cocktails for quick detoxification will help keep the body in its best shape.

Healthy benefits of the drink

The popularity of the drink is very high and can be easily explained by the next facts:

  • Cocktails with sweet products are delicious. It’s not a surprise because fruits, berries, nuts, syrups, juices, and dairy food are eaten with pleasure by both adults and children. If you blend the ingredients, you can get a “mix” with a unique taste and aroma.
  • The drink can be prepared at home from available ingredients. Also, the hobby of smoothie making gives a broad scope to the imagination and leaves plenty of room for experimenting.
  • You need to stop adding sugar and enrich your drink with natural juice, yogurt, green tea, herbs, spices, etc. It is so simple!
  • The benefits of cocktails are unquestionable: mainly fresh vegetable products are used to make these cocktails, which preserve all vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals.
  • A massive amount of antioxidants gives the drink healing properties: it will help cope with many diseases. This beverage is much healthier than juice because the pulp of fruits and vegetables stays in the glass, thus making the right components remain. It is easy to overcome even the Great Lent with the help of the cocktail: the variety of flavors of vegetables and fruits will avoid stress and decline of strength. A unique attraction for vegetarians is the possibility of including products from soy, for example, tofu or soy cream in the dish.
  • The drink is included in the fitness menu for a good reason: it gives a lot of energy, supporting athletes during and after training, while not creating a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. And the most important for modern women: a smoothie-diet has all the chances of becoming one of the tastiest, healthiest, balanced and effective for weight loss.
  • After drinking it the body will not feel hunger for a very long time, so it fits for fighting excess kilos very well. Besides, including milk and fermented milk products in the composition – is an excellent option to fill the menu with protein.

How to eat on a smoothie diet to weight loss?

The central principle is to replace harmful, fat, high-calorie foods with protein and healthy carbohydrates.
The process of the cooking beverage is that fish and meat dishes must exist in addition to the cocktails in the diet. Since there is no salt in this cocktail, the retentate in the body gradually decreases, and the cellulite disappears. A small part, but eating them often leads to a proper diet, so the intestines start to work, “like a clock.”

In the absence of contraindications, with the help of this diet, you can reduce the weight of 1-1.5 kg in one week or more. However, it is recommended to eat regular food at least once a day – such as steamed vegetables, cereals, whole wheat bread, and don’t forget the cold-press vegetable oil. If you can’t make fresh drinks often, you can drink them at breakfast and dinner: the results can still be good!

Six common mistakes when preparing cocktails and juices

It seems that the cooking juice or cocktail is pure: you need to throw all the ingredients in the bowl of a blender or juicer nozzle. There are some secrets that you should know about.
Fruit and vegetable cocktails for many have already become an ideal solution for a quick breakfast, a way to get a charge of vivacity in the middle of the day or a rescue recipe for a hangover. Beverages can be divided into two categories: juices, in which vegetables are mixed with fruits, and fruit cocktails, which often contain dairy products.
The ideal taste of juices and beverage is not always easy to achieve. On what it is necessary to pay attention – in our subtitle of typical mistakes.

  1. Use a blender to make juice
    If you seriously decided to make syrup at home, then you should think about buying a suitable juicer. The mixer is ideal for fruit and berries, which can turn into juice per minute. For all other fruits and vegetables, a juicer is needed. Quality juice should be smooth and uniform in texture, and this consistency can be achieved only with the help of a juicer.
  2. Make juices and cocktails from cheap and spoiled products
    Do not think that the quality of those fruits that you hesitate to put on a fruit plate for guests, will be less noticeable in juice and cocktails. The taste of juice depends not only on the juicer but also on the raw materials from which you make them. Therefore, carefully choose fruits and vegetables in markets.
    Do not buy all the products from one seller. Spend a little more time to find out who has more fragrant apples, and who has juicier carrots. It is essential that the products are fresh and fragrant. Only then you can prepare the perfect drink at home.
  3. Use a large number of ingredients, thinking that it will taste better
    Green juice from vegetables and fruits is an ideal product for a healthy diet. Preparing green beverages and juices, there is always a temptation to make them even more robust, putting in them a little more products than they say in the recipe. Nevertheless, do not try to throw as much of the remnants from your refrigerator into the juicer.
    So you will not only change the taste of the drink but make it cloudy and unattractive in color. Adding 15 different ingredients in juice or cocktail will not improve, but spoil the flavor and color. Thinking over the recipe of juice, you need to combine different textures and ingredients so that the aromas of fruits, herbs, and vegetables complete each other.
  4. Trying to “disguise” the taste of the unloved product
    If you do not like the feeling of a vegetable or fruit, then do not add it to the beverage simply because it is useful. If you have never been a fan of cabbage, do not try to combine it in the drink with mangoes and hope for the best.
    Moreover, there are no products that can not be added to juices. Nevertheless, cocktails should not be combined with mustard or spicy greens – it hurts digestion.
  5. Trying to change the taste of ice
    Merely adding ice cocktails, you will turn the texture of the drink into a watery, rather than creamy and smooth, as desired. If you want to make a cold beverage, then you need to freeze the fruits beforehand.
    Cutting fruit into pieces in advance and distributing them into containers in the size of one serving, you will not only save time but will achieve the ideal structure of the drink.
  6. To think that this drinks cannot be high-calorie
    Let’s be honest with ourselves. If you put ice cream in a beverage, then it will be a milkshake, not smoothies. That is, this drink cannot be called entirely consistent with the standards of healthy eating. For cocktails, you need to be extremely careful: you can drink a lot more calories than you could eat. In innocent at first glance, this cocktails can contain many hidden sugars and fats.

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Conclusion: use kefir in cocktails

Therefore, adherents of healthy nutrition often add not only tasty ingredients like – honey, sugar, chocolate, jam, ice cream, nuts, in the dishes but also make it from dietary components such as – vegetables, herbs, spices, natural yogurt, muesli. Making a refreshing drink in the summer heat will help the addition of ice after making.

The incredibly significant choice in the beverage is a result of experiments of many chefs from different fashion restaurants. The drink is served not only in vegetarian cafes but also becomes part of the of famous fitness clubs: after all, what can be more useful than all the best products for the health of the body and spirit “in one bottle.”

There is a specialized smoothie-cafes, where you can try a lot of different types of tasty drinks. Fast food restaurants and supermarkets don’t stay behind either. However, they rarely have such a dietary “exotic,” like the cocktail from celery, broccoli, and spinach. The main “emphasis” these sellers make on the great taste and low price of the drink.

The beginning of “cocktail mania” was laid in California in the 30s of last century. The first recipes were dishes based on bananas and pineapples. Later American homemakers diversified the drink, and the trend came to Europe and Russia.


  • Does not quench thirst – a proven fact.
  • Do not abuse this product! If you do not have a day off, then one or two servings, during the day, is quite enough.
  • Best of all, the cocktail can replace midday or breakfast.
  • Try to exclude the use of a beverage instead of supper (though this is not at all critical, just at lunch, for example, it will bring more benefits).
  • Only drink only when fresh. In general, depending on the composition, it can be stored in the refrigerator no more than 1-3 hours.
Recipes of smoothie using kefir with vegetables and fruit for weight loss
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