BodyCraft VR500 vs Concept 2 vs Stamina pro reviews

A​ sedentary lifestyle leads to problems with posture? It’s high time to buy the rowing machine for home use, such as BodyCraft VR500, Stamina or Concept 2.

Think about it for a moment:

Do not know how to choose a good rower for home use?

Or, do not know what manufacturer to choose? Read our BodyCraft rowing machine reviews. VR500 BodyCraft rowing machine is a perfect choice.

BodyCraft VR500 rower review

The VR500 Pro Air and the magneto-resistive rower represent more than a decade of research and development. This rower combines all the latest technology and long-standing consumer needs.

That ensures a smooth and high-performance rowing training.

Bodycraft VR200 Pro Rowing Machine

A good option for buying a rowing simulator for home workouts is following one.

VR200 uses BODYCRAFT eddy current technology for the widest resistance range in the category. The air and magnetic rower with resistance VR200 has the same characteristics as its elder brother VR400 but is smaller and more compact.

This option is ideal for those who deal with space limitations. 29GS Solid P.V.C Mat would be a great helper.

BodyCraft vs Stamina pro vs Concept 2

Air rowers are the most popular type of rowers. Their popularity is due to the fact that:

Rowers are quite versatile, so you can do high-intensity exercises or aerobics.

First: noise

One thing you should know right away is that the air rowers are quite loud. If you’re the type who wants to watch TV, you had better read the subtitles or pick up a headset.

If you have noise problems:

I highly recommend the paddler on the water. Water rowers are also considered excellent quality, almost as good as the air rowers, simulating a real rowing experience, and you can watch or listen to anything without any problems.

Soon we will have a separate article for the best Waterrowers for home. Watch out!

All air rowers have a damper setting on the fan. The higher the setting, the more wind resistance you create, basically blocking the fan’s airflow.

Here I’ll talk about some of the best rowers so you can choose the best solution between them:

Concept2 Model D

The Concept2 D rower has been the Crossfit standard for many years. This has become what all the other rowers compare to. Therefore, most of what I will tell in this article will mainly compare everything else with model D.

That this standard matters.

Concept2 produces a couple of other models, but the D model is the most popular and cheapest. Crazy to think, but they have been doing model D since 2003. Of course, they updated it in 2006.

On Concept2, you will notice that they also sell a lot of fun.

If you are a Crossfit partner because athletes are so used to these rowers and compare their time with each other, assuming that they all use the same machine.

Compare Model D vs Model E: both models are designed for intensive use.

This is different from other cardio machines that may have “home” and “commercial” models. Where the home model is basically not designed to be used and will wear out if you take it seriously.

Not to mention the hesitation and the sense of cheapness and fragility. No, in this case, both are suitable for commercial use.

They increased the E model a little.

I think that this is mainly just because of the extra height of the E model. Consequently, you could go with E if you have serious mobility problems. And it’s hard to squat low enough to safely enter model D (or there are customers who do).

Bodycraft VR500 pro rowing machine

VR500 introduced more support in the middle. The result is a truly solid feeling. It weighs 101 pounds, so that helps too.

This rower stands out from C2:

Warranty is prolonged: For use in residential areas, it is a lifetime frame, 7 years of parts, 1 year of wear, 2 years of labor. For light advertising, this is a 10-year frame, 3 years of parts, 1 year of wear.

Stamina ATS 1405

The ATS 1405 air rower from Stamina is the cheapest of all, without competition. I do not like to recommend cheap equipment. But I turn it on here to give a good push because it gets such good reviews and sold everywhere.

And then, you will come across this and will be surprised by this. If you go shopping. It is one of the first on the list on Amazon among a couple of other models of Stamina.

Overall, endurance gets good reviews on Amazon:

Amazon’s customer base for fitness equipment has a target at rowing beginners who want to save money and care less about quality. More serious athletes and sports rats, as a rule, buy equipment in specialized stores.

Here are recommendations:

If you want the best: Bodycraft vr500 pro air magnetic rowing machine meets or exceeds Concept2 in all respects. Check out Amazon reviews, and then pull the trigger. You will be very happy.

Commercial environment: Concept2 may be the best choice. Maybe a combination of models D and E to accommodate people with mobility problems.

People know this, they know their numbers, and they immediately feel comfortable in your gym. But if your customers are not experienced rowers, think about switching to the VR500.

Traditional rowing: The Concept2 has a display that is more useful for rowing people. For this traditional use, you want to stick with Concept2.

House: You may be able to get away with endurance if you do not use it every day and you are a little person who does not pass the test. Otherwise, either the Concept2 or the VR500, depending on your budget.

Now about the principle of work:

Thanks to regular training on the rowing machine, it is easy to create a truly athletic figure.

Operating principle

The rowing machine is a metal frame with a soft seat. On the sides are two levers that mimic the work of oars. Movements are carried out using the flywheel.

How to row? A person takes the position of the rower, takes the levers, pulls them to him. At the same time makes an effort. Outside of envy from a variety of a simulator, the principle of operation is the same – recreating rowing movements.

What are specifications of the load system?

Functions and features

What muscles work?

Rowing on the rowing simulator is universal, that is, it is suitable for people with different sports training and different physique.

Performing exercises on the rowing simulator, you can use up to 80% of the muscles of the body. Which is a really good indicator. The most noticeable load falls on the pectoral muscles, back, shoulder girdle and arms.

Also, the buttocks, the front, and back of the thigh, the press are being worked out, although the load on them is not so intense. See the reults before and after.

An additional bonus from practicing:

Improving the tone of the heart muscle, strengthening the vascular and respiratory systems.

With the accurate performance of the rowing equipment, the following muscle groups are pumped throughout the body:

Additional load falls on the pectoral muscle.

The main property of rowing using the rowing simulator is the simultaneous activity of a large number of different muscles of the body. Intensive work of the body increases the number of heartbeats, which creates an incomparable cardio effect during training.

The benefits of rowing simulator

It’s no secret that rowers have very beautiful and courageous figures. Wide shoulders, strong back attract the attention of many of the fair sex. Of course, we do not need this effect.

Still, rowing machines are equally useful for men and women.

When working on a rowing machine:

The muscles of the back, shoulder complex, abdominals, and even the hips are involved. Thus, it works almost the entire body. Due to such loads, the fat is burned smoothly and evenly.

And he is replaced by beautiful strong muscles. Regular workouts increase endurance, help stimulate the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, speed up the metabolism, which is also necessary for burning fat.

Since training on the rowing simulator regulates the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they are referred to as cardio loads. Therefore, they can be combined with strength training to increase the efficiency of fat burning and muscle building.

If it is enough for you to strengthen your body, to give it an attractive look, you can limit yourself to the rowing simulator.

Rowing simulators have a lot of advantages:

But the most important advantage – it is indispensable for losing weight. For one small workout, you can burn about 800 calories. It is recommended even for obese people.


To enjoy the most complex workout, there is nothing better than a rowing machine. This is a really effective simulator, ideal for improving the work of the respiratory system and muscle tone. Use our tips to choose the right rowing machine.


This projectile reproduces rowing movements and provides a comprehensive and balanced physical exertion. In addition, it allows:

It is believed that the rowing machine increases the muscles in the arms. In fact, when used correctly, the load is evenly distributed between the muscles of the back, abs and shoulder girdle.

Therefore, you can not be afraid of the effect of “big hands”. The only limitation is spinal problems. However, with a slight curvature, such loads do not interfere at all.

On the contrary, they will strengthen the muscles of the back and align the spine. But it is better to start training under the supervision of an experienced person, who will tell you how to sit correctly, pick up the load and perform the movements.

Effective training on the rowing machine

Suppose you know how to use a rowing machine. But what does a full-time lesson look like on it?

An effective option specifically for AskYourFitnessQuestion was developed by Annie Mulgrew, head of the fitness studio at CityRow in New York.

The numbers below are periods in minutes. Time is approximate.

You may not always be able to squeeze into these frames – well, not necessary. Just try to give all the best 3 times a week for 20 minutes – and say goodbye to something extra.

00: 00–03: 00 – Warm-up

Start at a moderate pace. You do not know how fast to row? Here is a guideline: during these three minutes you have to cover a distance of about 500 m.

03: 00–06: 00 – Footwork

Do 10 reps with straight arms, only straightening your legs, then 10 regular strokes. Then 5 more feet and 5 normal. Then again 10 + 10. Keep on alternating.

06: 00–08: 00 – Acceleration

Defeat another 500 m, but just try to do it in two minutes, not three, as in the warm-up.

08: 00–12: 00 – Traction pyramid

Ramp out 100 m with maximum speed; then, sitting with straight legs, tighten the handle 10 times to yourself (that is, perform horizontal thrust).

Next, run another 200 m and do 15 repetitions of horizontal thrust. Then 300 m – and 20 hands strokes. And then work in reverse order: 200 m and 15 repetitions, 100 m and 10 repetitions.

12: 00-14: 00 – Sprints

Row with all your strength for 20 seconds, then for 10 seconds lower the tempo to the restorative in order to breathe slightly. Keep on alternating. Bear in mind: this will be a serious cardiovascular load.

14: 00–17: 00 – swim on record

Make a sprint for 30 seconds, trying to swim as far as possible (conquer at least 125 m). Remember the distance covered, relaxed rowing for the next 30 seconds for a breather, and then accelerate again and try to beat your record. Just complete three of these circles, each trying to improve the result.

17: 00–20: 00 – Post-training hitch

Ramp more 500 m, but in a quiet mode, restoring breath.

The technique of performing exercises on the rowing simulator

The faultless technique of performing exercises on the rowing simulator should ensure active work of both the upper and lower parts of the body.

For example, when running or riding an exercise bike, for the most part only the lower part of the body is involved. And when training on the rowing simulator works almost the whole body.

This 4-step instruction will tell you how to practice a rowing machine:

1. Recovery phase

At this stage of the exercise, the entire body of the athlete strives forward, sliding to the legs. The whole body should be in a relaxed state, and the muscles are not tense.

This state allows the simulator to easily bring the body to the following position: the knees are bent and the arms are straight. To go to the capture phase, the body needs to be prepared.

The hull slightly leans forward “for one hour.” The angle of inclination should be no more than 30 degrees. Now the body is tense and the movement comes from the hip. Foot tightly about the simulator, evenly distributing the load. The upper surface of the thighs is in contact with the body.

2. Capture

The exact implementation of this phase is directly related to the productivity of the entire exercise. Therefore, it is important to once again check the body position:

At the peak moment of capture such sensations should be observed:

Breath combines with the rhythm of rowing. It is recommended to take one breath on one “swing oar”. Exhale slowly during the rest of the exercise.

In the process of active rowing, you can breathe in and out during the recovery phase. It is imperative to find a suitable rhythm of breathing for a specific athlete.

3. Pushing the boat



4. End of the stroke

The last stage begins at the moment of complete straightening of the knee joints. Now you need to mentally check the position of the body:

Two more important principles on how to engage in rowing on the simulator:

How does all this to remember?

It is important to bring the rowing technique to automatism, counting the phases of the movement.

Returning to the initial position is also carried out with a phase reading.

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