It is not an easy task to choose a suitable diet for weight loss. The main thing is not to bring harm to your health while keeping to the diet. Everyone wants an effective meal plan that would work fast. Here we suggest you the most popular healthy diets that will definitely bring the needed result. Following the simple meal plan and nutrition rules, you can lose extra kilos quite easily. Combining with workouts, the result is visible already in a short time. Choose one of the following meal plans: the cabbage, kefir or keto diet according to your preferences.

Cabbage diets

Cabbage diet is not considered the fastest diet, but it is effective enough. First of all, the cabbage is a low-calorie product. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are necessary while losing weight. Besides, It is full of vegetable fiber that improves the digestion and detox the body. As you can see, it is a highly useful product. Various kinds of cabbage contain a different amount of calories: from 20 to 50.

If you decided to keep to a cabbage diet, there is no difference which kind to choose. With the right approach, you will achieve the desired result anyway. Usually, people choose white cabbage that contains 26 calories. Of course, the most positive effect of cabbage dieting is a visible weight loss effect. This diet is good at the point that kilos will not return after returning to the usual nutrition plan. Cabbage soup diet is not less popular and effective variant. People’s reviews show good results. You will find here fat burning soup recipes that are low calorie and easy to cook. Different variations of the diet allow to use it for 2 weeks, or even for a month.


Cabbage soup diet

Kefir diets

Kefir diet is one of the most effective meal plans for fast weight loss. The basis for this unique diet is highly useful low-calorie product – kefir. It contains easily digestible proteins, fats and carbs, lactic acid bacteria. Actually, these substances are the basis of its healing properties – another positive side of a kefir meal plan.

Kefir diet is beneficial not only for weight loss but also for the cardiovascular system. Fermented milk bacteria that kefir contains improve the microflora of the gastro tract. Besides, it helps to remove the excess water from the body. The drawback is that excess kilos you lost can return after you return to the usual nutrition plan. Kefir diet is considered rather hard, though it is not called mono-diet. Low-calorie content of this diet allows losing weight because of fat-burning.


Kefir diet

Ketogenic diet

Keto meal plan is based on high fat and low carb food. It means that your ration should contain dishes from avocado, fish and seafood, eggs, nuts, dairy products with high-fat content. Keto diet menu is suitable for beginners and not only. The main point is that your body should be full of fats and protein. Keto diet for weight loss works the following way.  The body has to spend more resources to transform fat into energy. That is why a ketogenic diet helps to promote weight loss. And compared to other diets, you do not have to starve due to the high protein content.


Keto diet

Top 3 diets: cabbage (soup) vs kefir vs ketogenic
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